When you switch from air conditioner unit to fan with the timer in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is a choice that you could make. As we mentioned in our article that using fan after air conditioner unit turned OFF and continuously fan usage is healthier, you can do it with your air conditioner unit only without having the ceiling fan.

The whole idea is to sleep comfortably without any interruptions. This could only be provided with stable environmental parameters like temperature and sound. Both can be obtained with good isolation in your bedroom. If your bedroom is well isolated from outside effects, you can easily control the inside temperature as well as the noise coming from outside like traffic or noisy next door friend’s dog. 

In an well isolated room, as an example, when you set up the timer of your air conditioner unit to go from 20 degrees centigrade to 27 degrees centigrade after 30 minutes of running time, air conditioner unit goes fan position after 30 minutes of running cooling mode, since the normal night temperature not higher than 27 degrees and kept in the room stable in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area whole year round.

This working set up as an example like this allows the air conditioner unit to blow just an air during the whole night and if necessary to drop the temperature one or two degrees depending on the room temperature switching between cool mode and fan mode so you can sleep nicely. This working condition can also be minimizing the internal noise generated from air conditioner unit while you are sleeping.

Using your air conditioner unit in this setup could prolong its service cycle as well as relatively life cycle of the unit. This means that saving to your budget. Since we should be very careful how we spend our own limited funds this could be seriously considered.

As I mentioned it is a choice. You do your own choice and your lifestyle. Setting up your air conditioner unit on how to work is also your choice. Our intention in this article is to give you another aspect of using the air conditioner unit. We hope that it is helpful for you.