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Air conditioner gas is also known as refrigerant gas. There are different types of refrigerant gas to be used in air conditioner units. All started with “R” referring to the word of refrigerant. Different refrigerant gases all used in air conditioner units, chillers, freezers as well as refrigerators in order to make the heat exchange happens.

Whatever they were named or numbered commercially, they all work in heat exchange process. They change their form from liquid to gas or vice versa while absorbing or letting heat go away within the system of the unit. The result is the cool air in the environment of the room.

In the history of cooling industry regardless of air conditioner, chiller or freezer, usage of refrigerant gases are developed for better results, adaptation of new technologies as well as the hazards to the environment. First generation of refrigerant was named Freon, which was numbered R-12. It has CFC (Chloro Flora Carbon) in chemical content used during between the years of 1990 and 2000.

Next generation was called R-22 which has chemical name is HCFC (Hydro chloro flora carbon) and still in used most of the systems. Environmental negative effects of this refrigerant recently discovered and manufacturers started not to produce any more. New technologies applied to the air conditioner units with the new gases applied to the industry. R-22 negatively effects to the environment if there is leaking from the system could cause to reduce the Ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Next generation of refrigerant is called R-410A penetrated into the market. They removed the chlorine from the gas and it turned to HFC (Hydro flora carbon) is commonly used by today. Other type of refrigerant used in refrigerator units is called R-134A and R-32 for air conditioner units. R-32 found better than R-410A in respect of environmental hazard for air conditioner units. They also developed mixture of 5 gases in one called R-438A to reduce the environmental effects of the gas.

Recently developed environmental hazard free gases came into the market together with the development of air conditioner unit technology. These gases are R-290 and R-600A, which former is called Propane and latter is called Iso-butane used mostly in house hold refrigerators. Both have ozone depletion potential free and lowest global warning potential, most greenest one and just HC (Hydro Carbon) in chemical structure.

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