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In larger scale air conditioning system such as commercial air conditioning, the chillers in it play a major role not only in ensuring the cooling air that reaches the occupied spaces at the desired temperature and humidity, so providing the critical comfort needs to the persons as well as the equipment within the building but also assist in reducing the costs of operations from its energy efficiency increase through a proper commercial chiller service carried out at its appropriate times.

The chilled water within the temperature range of between 2°C to 7°C depending on the requirements applied in the air conditioning system distributes to the heat exchangers or coils and through the AHUs (air handling units) channels the cooling air to the rooms where the AHUs are linked to, then recirculating the water back to the chiller for recooling and through its cooling coils transfers the heat from the air to the chilled water whilst dehumidifying and cooling the air stream at the same time.

The greatest challenges in a commercial chiller operations is towards maintaining it to as efficiently chiller plant it can possibly be as chillers operations when at their peak performance will enable to save its energy usage and costs of its servicing and maintenance. By keeping a daily log on all its critical parameters, such as fluid levels, pressure, flow rates and its temperatures that determine the operation conditions at any given time will enable the chiller service provider or the company’s maintenance team to know of any deviation from its normal specifications for each parameter being monitored. Nowadays, with the new development in remote monitoring technologies providing real time status of machines or its parameters instead of every month or every other month, this helps in producing trending reports easily for the determination of whether a servicing or maintenance is required before it becomes a real issue. Hence, this way of monitoring is more efficient than the pre-determined schedule for servicing or maintenance program.

Another factor that will have a single greatest impact on the chiller performance is its heat transfer efficiency which will be greatly affected if its condenser tubes are accumulated with contaminants like mud, minerals, algae, etc. that increases its thermal resistance and so does its temperature, thus, reducing its overall performance. Generally, the higher is the approach temperature, the lower will be its heat transfer efficiency and to overcome this issue is to clean by brushing its condenser tubes to keep them away from these contaminants at least on a yearly basis or as per the demand servicing or maintenance schedule at your request.

Our air conditioner specialist technicians who are well trained in this field offer solutions to your air conditioning systems needs. Other than servicing and maintenance, we too offer installation and repair services for the various types of air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

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Great and fantastic service indeed! They have sent 3 men team of professional technicians to service my 4 units of air conditioners in my condo. They did a thorough inspection on the air conditioners whilst servicing them and they have tidied up my place after they completed the job. Surely we will recommend them to others.

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