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Air conditioner is a device or machine which improves the condition of air that we breathe in our environment, mostly in closed spaces like room in the house or office. Basically, it is designed for environmental comfort in respect of temperature and humidity control. Now a day, usually windmill is used to cool down the air temperature in the homes and offices.

History explains that basic principles of palm leaf are applied during the ancient Egyptian time first. End of the 19th century or early 20th century, advent of the technology and chemistry, thermotidote invented in 1902 by the person called Willis Carrier, whose name holds the famous brand today.

In order to control the humidity and the temperature, this flabellum composed of different parts, like compressor, condenser, evaporator i.e. each every unit has its own functions, but when combined full air conditioning cycle will complete and device functions well.

Manufactured ventilator devices have wide variety as well depending on cooling capacity, applicable locations i.e. For example, if the size of the room wanted to be cooled the temperature down dictates the cooling capacity of the device, which is measured by the British Thermal Unit,  in short BTU. The higher the BTU value of the device, the higher the capacity is, means could control the bigger size rooms.

BTU is also related to the compressor horse power (HP) directly. The bigger HP the compressor has the bigger BTU value it produces, so the controlling size of the room also gets bigger.

There are different types of air conditioning devices as well. Aircon Types and applicable locations are closely related each other. Depending on the fixed location, devices called differently. For example if it is mounted on to the wall, it is called wall-mounted aircon type air-conditioning device. If it is mounted to the ceiling it is called ceiling aircon type air conditioning device, if it is split aircon type air conditioning device is called split aircon and so on.

There are also window-mounted aircon units available. These units are much easier to install and uninstall while people frequent movers from house to house. This could be the pro for this type, but the con is the loosing of precious window space taken by the aircon unit itself.

Normally wall-mounted air-conditioning devices are common in the home aircon and office aircon while the compressor capacity is limited up to 3 HP. Bigger capacity units mostly ceiling aircon type devices and compressor capacity goes up to 5 to 6 HP.

 New air conditioners as an electric appliances became smart products in respect of new technology and design. Non-inverter modals are converting to inverter modals by virtue of technology. Product are under clean energy mode and access of high signature solution for all categories. On the other hand, systems like kitchen accessories refrigerator, ovens, washing machines, microwave, dishwasher, blenders, kettles, heater, cooker also got their advancement solutions from technology in the long run. 

Due to the wish of efficiency uses of commercial application of equipment, professional companies like Samsung, Haier, Panasonic, Pensonic, Honeywell, Hitachi, and electrolux involved in the development of these compact systems in form of saving energy. That is why, these companies took great role in the treatment of residential indoor lifestyle.

 In Malaysia air conditioner units are mostly only for cooling. On the other hand, outside of the tropical and subtropical belt countries, air conditioning devices have heating system as well. These are called HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) air conditioning units.

This new technology provides better temperature control in the large office buildings and industrial aircon installed locations, mostly skyscrapers, shopping malls. Regulation of air temperature and humidity are much more stable using the outdoor fresh air in this system.

HVAC type systems provide more quality air, absorption of humidity, fresh oxygen supply and removal of unpleasant smell as well. When they get complex they become expensive at the same time.

Please visit aircon brands page in order to have an idea on which air conditioning unit suitable for your home, office and much more importantly your budget. Before you buy any air conditioning device, please visit our site and be informed. You won’t regret to spend some time to read it.


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Ceiling & Cassette Pricing

Aircon Type




3.0HP & Above

General Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





*Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit.
*Overhaul 2nd and 3rd unit extra RM20 per unit, 4th unit and above extra RM30 per unit.

Wall Mounted Pricing

Aircon Type




2.5HP & Above 

Normal Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





Inverter Installation





Non-Inverter Installation





Capacitor Installation





Copper Pipe Installation





* Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit

Normal service includes,

  • for indoors - wash indoor filter and brush indoor coil blower without taking out the indoor unit.
  • for outdoor - washing outdoor unit.

Chemical servicing (Canvas)

  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash
  • Filter chemical wash
  • Indoor casing wash
  • Vacuum drainage tray
  • Vacuum drainage pipe
  • Outdoor coil chemical wash
  • Outdoor drainage pipe vacuuming
  • Check compressor health & top-up gas

Chemical servicing (Overhaul) added steps

  • Take out indoor for chemical wash
  • Take out outdoor only if necessary
  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash

* All units must be at the same location

Additional Service

  • Power point heater switch, RM120-RM190
  • 1 BTG copper casing, RM70
  • Inspection per visit, RM100
  • Gas top-up, RM120 per unit




Their technicians were very helpful, courteous, updating us on the job progress frequently and very communicative. This was my third time using their services and they are real professionals. I am extremely satisfied with their performance all this while and they are courteous. I will recommend them to others.

Nedim Alibi

Your team’s response time was superbly fast! The details on the problem of my air conditioner were well explained to us and subsequently it was rectified. Then, your team proposed to us for a maintenance plan that I immediately agreed. In future, I wouldn’t have to call anyone else for such jobs except them!

Naseer Yaseer

With the complete and thorough job by your team in your recent inspection and maintenance schedule the other day, we were indeed very satisfied with their performance. So happen they also discovered a problem with the air cond and after recommending to us whom we agreed,  it was done beautifully indeed.

Tan Lee Lee

The service provided was superb and the response was excellent!  I couldn’t be any happier with such a fantastic servicing rendered to us by your team of experts and their promptness really is a plus plus point.  The service is simply the best in this area; no one else can match them. Kudos to your team!

Ventolin Ebit

I had some issues with my air conditioner leaking on a Saturday and we felt great the service techs who came and repaired it on the spot. He was doing such an excellent job, explaining to me on the things to be done. In a matter of hours, our air conditioner was back to normal. They did such a fantastic job!

Noreen Noor

Great and fantastic service indeed! They have sent 3 men team of professional technicians to service my 4 units of air conditioners in my condo. They did a thorough inspection on the air conditioners whilst servicing them and they have tidied up my place after they completed the job. Surely we will recommend them to others.

Fuzi Fauzie

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