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Have you ever imagine living in the hot weathers without a well-functioning air conditioner system? Perhaps, it is not that your air conditioner is out of order due to it reaching its end of its life span but very likely was due to the air conditioner not being regularly serviced. Once the air conditioner units are serviced regularly its performance will be more consistent and you will be able to breathe in clean, cooling and fresh air as long as you may like. Your environment will be more conducive for any of your activities be it at home or at the office.

In order to have your air conditioners at a tip top condition at all times, the only best way is to have it regularly serviced by a professional air conditioner service specialist who would do their excellent job by performing their servicing routines which includes general maintenance, chemical cleaning and gas refilling of the air conditioners. Furthermore, by regularly servicing your air conditioners by the air conditioner specialist will not only prolong its lifespan but it is also acts as a preventive measure from premature repairing that may cost a lot more unless it is due its normal wear and tear. With a steady track record on its regular servicing, in the long run it is worth the effort and it is advisable to at least twice or thrice a year the air conditioners are to be serviced as recommended by the experts in the industry that could make it last for more than 10 years. However, should there be any problem with it, it has to be fixed promptly to prevent it from further damaged.

During the air conditioner cleaning service, normally chemical cleaning is carried out to cleanse any dirt, mould or bacteria that may have built-up over a period of time in the air conditioner units and it is best practices that the air conditioners are cleaned with chemical regularly.

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Excellent on handling the aircon parts during servicing. They didn't do any mess up our apartment while doing the service. Recommend their service to everyone.

Ali Senyuva

Job done as I wanted. Although there was additional cost due to the other problem, about the expectation and cost I was satisfied. Highly recommend.

Lai May Leng

Great service. They have sent tree man for 4 units of air condition serviced in my condo. Careful inspection and tidied up my place after work. Rating 5 star.


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