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With the hot weather period affecting our daily lives, you may be standing facing the fan to keep yourself cool and you planned of having an aircon to cool you and your love ones at home or at your office or upgrading the aircon system you have to a better and more efficient aircon system. Whilst aircon installation is not always complicated, it will be a good idea to work with a reliable and qualified aircon contractor who will  ensure the installation is properly done.

The folowing information on aircon installation for you to choose the right aircon model for your home or office use :

  1. AirCon Cost Factors

Your cost for the aircon installation depends on whichever system you choose. How big or small your home or office is will suggest the type of aircon system you needed.

There are a few choices on the aircon systems available which include:

  • Window units: as individual aircon unit.
  • Split systems: as mini-split (ductless) or central aircon with installation at the inside and outside of the premises.
  • Central system: using ducting system commonly combining with a heating system so as to cool off the house or office.
  • Portable units: as a standalone unit that can be mobilised within the house or office.

A window aircon unit generally adequate to keep a small room cool on hot or warm days. To install an aircon unit depends on the size of the room. Installation a window aircon unit can make you more  comfortable with a reasonable cost, but it will not be as powerful as a split or central aircon system. If you have a much larger home or office with a few rooms, you will probably need a central aircon installed. Of course the ultmate cost will highly depends on the type of aircon unit chosen, with any other additional items installed with it like the ductwork as well as its installation rates.

2. Common AirCon Brands

Upon determining the size of the unit you need, then, need to look at the reputable brands that meets your budget requirement. Many manufacturers provide cooling and heating units, and as usual it comes along with its pros and cons. Hence, consult us for a professional advice to recommend to you your most appropriate aircon system you will need and you may ask for any additional features it carries benefiting your home or office. Currently, the Top 6 aircon brands are Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, York, Samsung and Sharp.

3.AirCon Unit Installation Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors including the load calculation, ratings on energy efficiency and the brand of the aircon system for both the home and office consumers should put into consideration before investing in an aircon system. It is important to make an informed decision about an aircon system before proceeding for an installation, as this will take up a large portion of the cost. Installation of an aircon system  involved several processes and it requires the assistance of an aircon professional which include the following:

  • Aircon contractor: who conducts an assessment to find out what aircon system you may need for installation.
  • Assistant(s): additional team members that assist with wiring, ductworking, mounting of metal bracket, etc.

You will also be charged for the materials involved in the installation, including the aircon unit and chemicals/refrigerant. Check Our Service for all your aircon installation needs.

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