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A chiller system encompasses the removal of heat from a liquid through its absorption refrigeration or vapour compression cycle. From the liquid it is then circulated via a heat exchanger to the cooling equipment system such as water or air process system. Chillers involved more often than not the largest capital expenditure (capex) in an industrial or commercial building and usually this chiller system is one of the vital components in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system providing heating and cooling services to buildings. Hence, by optimising your chiller plant which is critical to the efficiency of your building and/or facilities this will ensure the comfort of the occupants in the building and/or facilities. Proper service and maintenance of your chiller system will ensure your chiller meets the requirements as well as  the longevity of your building.  Our professional technicians are well versed with the different chiller brands service we have handled over the years in such brands with just a sample of the brands we have serviced like Carrier, Trane, York and Dunham Bush.

In order to ensure your chiller system is efficient and operating at its optimum performance at all times, one of the best practices in the industry is that your maintenance team need to keep a daily log book on your chiller operating performance. This will keep a close tab on its performance trends and to take proactive measures to service and maintain the chiller, hence, from the log which gives a baseline metric in understanding when the chiller is operating at its peak performance. Also, the log provides vital information on the issues faced by the chiller system and in determining its root cause for possible corrective and preventive action.

Other than keeping a log on its transactions, including the periodic preventive maintenance, other best practices are :

  1. Introduce automated systems for monitoring remotely on the commercial facilities’ chiller performance in maintaining its efficiency.
  2. Keeping a consistent maintenance schedule for all the maintenance works should be carried out periodically, such as weekly, monthly etc. for example like cleaning the heat tubes in its maintenance works to be carried out on a consistent basis so as to ensure the heat transfer efficiency is adequate.
  3. Consult your professional serviceman on a regular basis to take care on all your chiller maintenance and service needs.

We, as a professional chiller system service provider in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor offers a wide range of chiller maintenance services that suits your needs for your facility. Call or Whatsapp us today for a quotation and advice.


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