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Let us first get to know what chillers are before we go into the different types of chiller system.  In simple terms, chillers are machines used for the generation of cold or chilled water and then distributed throughout buildings providing air conditioning to the commercial or industrial buildings.

The chiller system in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system removes heat from a liquid through a vapour compression or absorption refrigeration cycle, then, it is circulated through a heat exchanger (evaporator heat exchanger or condenser heat exchanger) to cool equipment or other stream (air or water processed). The condenser heat exchanger forms the major component in rejecting and transfer the heat from the chiller to the atmosphere.

Chillers are also used in some industrial processes but for our purpose we will be focusing primarily on their application in air conditioning of buildings with their typical Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Fan Coil Units (FCUs) to the particular rooms setting. AHU cools and distributes air around the building whilst FCU is a device with a heating and/or cooling heat exchanger which consists of fan and ‘coil’ forming part of an HVAC system in commercial and industrial buildings. Not only is the cooling air blown out at the desired temperature set but the systems also dehumidify it to the level it was designed to do, such as maintaining at 65% humidity which brings comfort to those people in the building.

However, this level of performance can only be sustainable with the systems well maintained, including its chillers being one of its critical components to be handled by qualified air conditioners professionals who are experts in this field which can also be those providing services in facilities management involving air conditioners and chillers for the commercial and industrial sectors. In well maintained systems which undergo regularly in the various process of facilities management running through its checklist for all parameters that will affect the overall performance of the systems and so thus its efficiency when it is in operations.

From the results of each parameter checked, it is able to determine which parameters or components that require rectifications such as replacement of respective parts or servicing the affected components, such as the filters, condenser coils, evaporator coils, etc. Through this process once completed the cycles in a good order usually will prolong its performance in an efficient manner and will lower its electric consumption with savings whilst running the systems.

As you may imagine, there are many different types of chillers categorised by its types and one way to categorised them is by defining them into 2 types :

  • Vapour Compression Chiller
  • Vapour Absorption Chiller

Vapour Compression Chillers use electrical-driven mechanical compressors forcing the refrigerants within the systems and this is the most common types of chillers which is sub-categorised into two vapour compression chillers i.e. air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. However, both these types of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers have the same basic vital components: evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve.

Nevertheless, both refers to the same basic working principle whereby the compressor pushes the refrigerant inside the chiller between the condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and back to the compressor with the only difference being the air cooled chiller, its fan forcing air across the exposed tubes of the condensers that carries away the heat, whilst in the water cooled chiller, it has a sealed condenser and water is pumped through it taking the heat away and dispersing it through the cooling towers which also uses a fan to reject any unwanted heat out of the system. 

Vapor systems normally temperature control systems using in large capacity. It is typically designed to compress low pressure into high in their main components. Industry requirements moves engineering  of controller selection for the efficiency of operation cost. 

Let us presumed the cooling tower is located at the top of an office building. The ‘condenser water’ is moved by the centrifugal pump between the chiller in the basement and the cooling towers on its roof with the chiller adding heat to this condenser water, whilst the cooling tower’s cooling it by way of ejection of this heat into the air. This heat ejected is all the heats within the building derived from the lighting, computers, sunlight, people, etc. as well as the heat produced by the chiller’s compressor.

Usually, the temperature of this condenser water in the chiller will be at about 32°C when the pump pushes it up its cooling towers and the system was designed such that this condenser water that leaves the cooling tower, returned-back into the chiller’s condenser at about 27°C so as to enable it to pick-up sufficient heat on its next cycle.

On the other hand, Vapour Absorption Chillers use heat source to move the refrigerant within the system and the refrigerant in these chillers moving around within the system between the areas of different pressure and temperature. This type of chiller is recommended to be used as and when there is abundance of high quality waste heat or cheap heat.

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