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When you have chiller in your residence or running your successful business depending on the chiller that you have, you should be concentrating on your chiller repair. It is vital for you to keep your chiller working in proper conditions. Malfunctioning unit could increase your energy bill or shut down your business.

In any case, we believe that, you shouldn’t accept any working condition less than tip top operation conditions. Contact us for the job to ensure that your chiller is working as close as possible to perfect factory settings.

When you call us for chiller repair, we will be there on time even before the time for the agreed appointment to understand what is wrong with your unit. We find the problem that your unit has and give effective and pin pointed solution in order to solve it.

Normally you wouldn’t trust any service provider who claims that they are expert in chiller repair, would you? Well we are not one of those service providers. We have vast experience in repairing different brands of chiller units. Our experienced and friendly service technicians carefully examine your system to find out the exact issue on your system, pinpoint the cause of the problem and solve the problem for you. We always stand behind our services and satisfaction guarantee.

We suggest not to wait till to the problem occurs. Regular maintenance is the key for long term operation of your system. We also offer comprehensive chiller maintenance for long term operation to your chiller units. Regular planed maintenance for your chiller unit helps to extend the life cycle of your unit.

We will execute all kind of necessary tasks to ensure your system works in tip top, reliable and efficient performance condition either repair or routine maintenance. Contact us when you needed for our service even in an emergency. We are there to help you.

"Affordable Service from RM 70 onwards, 100% moneyback satisfaction guarantee"

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  Wall Mounted Units Ceiling Units
  1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP 2.5 HP 3 HP 3 HP 4 HP
General Service RM 70 RM 75 RM 120 RM 120 RM 150 RM 150 RM 150
Chemical Wash RM 130 RM 150 RM 150 RM 150 RM 150 RM 320 RM 550
Installation RM 250 RM 300 RM 400 RM 440 RM 500 RM 500 RM 670
Gas Top up RM 115 RM 115 RM 115 RM 115 RM 115 RM 115 RM 115
Dismentle Old Unit RM 75 RM 75 RM 100 RM 100 RM 125 RM 200 RM 250



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They were very helpful and updating on the job progress frequently and very communicative.

Nedim Alibi

Job done as I wanted. Although there was additional cost due to the other problem, about the expectation and cost I was satisfied. Highly recommend.

Lai May Leng

Very detailed quotation received from the company, so you know what to expect from the technicians are on site. They are friendly and skilled. I would have rated 5 star because of the last minutes rescheduling of the appointment. Apparently they are on tight schedule and overrun the service session which caused rescheduling with the next service session. Will use again.

Jian Yong

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