Carrier Chiller Repair

Carrier Chiller Repair  in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

When it comes to Carrier chiller repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, we are fully involving the repair process as a professional service company. Chiller is expensive equipment and when it comes to service or repair, you should get professional advice and not try to do it on your own.

We need to understand what kind of problem that your chiller unit could face first. Some leads to repair some leads to simple service.

The main failure issues for any Carrier chiller could be as below;

  1. High pressure discharge,
  2. Low pressure discharge,
  3. High pressure suction,
  4. Low pressure suction,
  5. Electrical issues and
  6. Other issues.

Let us check high pressure discharge first. Depends on the air or water cooled chiller unit that you have different issues could appear. For a water cooled system, it might be fouling build-up of minerals on the condenser tubes, which was caused by bad water treatment system, reduction of water flow in condenser, high return condenser water temperature or discharge shut off valve partially closed. These could be solved by chiller servicing removing clogged parts, whipped out dirty parts i.e. On the other hand, if high temperature on the condenser water cause could be cooling fan at the tower so repair should concentrate on side equipments rather than the chiller.

If you have air cooled system, it might be dirty condenser, reduction of air flow or high ambient air temperature. These can be done by servicing the chiller units regularly. Only high ambient air temperature could be high due to ambient air above the design capabilities. This could be serious problem. It needs technical assistance.

On the other hand, whether you have air cooled or water cooled system, issues with charged refrigerant low or high is the same effects. These issues need to be checked and adjusted to the right value by the serviceman.

 If there is a faulty pressure switch, old data logs should be checked, swap sensors and test. If necessary this part should be changed by the repair team.

Let us look at the low pressure discharge issues could be suction valve could be partially closed, under charged with refrigerant, low ambient air temperature, low suction pressure and obstructed evaporator. These issues are mostly on the servicing issues and can be done during the service. Only undercharged refrigerant could be leakage problem and has to be repaired.

Low ambient air temperature for the air cooled systems is a design issue and you should consult to the manufacturer and redesign the system.

Let us look at the low pressure suction issues, low refrigerant charge, blocked expansion valve, reduction of water flow in the evaporator, filter drier and strainer obstructed and condense water temperature is too low. Low refrigerant charge indicates that there is a leakage somewhere. It needs to be located and repaired. Blocked expansion valve needs to be changed if not functioning properly. If filter is drier needs to be changed during the service and the strainer should be cleaned by the serviceman. If the condenser water temperature is too low, adjust the set point to the manufacturers data, which can be done by serviceman.

Let us check the high pressure at the suction section issues, excessive load, expansion valve and over charged refrigerant could be the issues.  All these issues can be done in the service period. They all needs adjustment to the manufacturers date set points whether reduce the cooling load or adjust the superheat set point.

Electrical issues are common as it could be in any other equipments, like unbalanced voltage supply, fluctuating current or voltage, loose cable/wire, blown fuse, open breaker, phase loss and ground faults. The first one is the electric supply issue and to be address to the electrical supply company which is Tenega National. Fluctuating current or voltage could be due to the supplied other equipments together with the chiller unit. Try to install dedicated power supply to the chiller only. Other issues are common electrical issues and can be done during the service period.

Other chiller issues could be thermal overload, flow sensor broken and irregular compressor motor starts lockout. If there is a thermal overload you should wait till to cool down. Flow sensor indicates the flow of cooling water rate. This sensor should be changed and can’t be repaired. Compressor motor hourly starts set by the manufacturer to protect your chiller. Depending on the cooling load it should be checked by the serviceman.

As we tried to explain Carrier chiller repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, it is quite technical and professionals assistance needed. Don’t try to do it yourself. Call us and we can help to do the service as well as the repair for you.


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