Panasonic Aircon Installation

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Panasonic Aircon Installation in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Panasonic air conditioner installation in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area are done by us. Installation of a new air conditioner unit in your premise is none other than any other air conditioner unit installation.

In the year 2017 European environmental legislation requires that fluorinated gases, which is F- Gases, such as R410 to by replaced by a new gas. Panasonic offers R 32 which is environmental friendly refrigerant gas in its air conditioner systems.

Measurement of indoor unit as a size to find out right location to install is the same as an old system. We need to measure the length of the indoor unit and reflect that measurement into the wall for wall mounted units. Before this attempt, we need to find the right location for the installation taken into various points, like behind the wall is there any empty area to install the outdoor unit, is there any direct sun lights coming to that corner i.e.

Support bracket for the indoor unit fixed on the wall. Be sure use leveller in order to make the installation right parallel to the floor and ceiling of the support bracket.

Piping from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit must be welded in order to get the best result. Copper pipes are welded together with the one mounted to the indoor unit and the one penetrated through the wall to outside each other.

After you install the indoor unit, now it is time to prepare the outdoor unit at the outside of the house, regularly just behind the wall if venue is available space to put it. If not extra piping is necessary till to the right location of the outdoor unit.

The new compressor has to be prepared to put the gas inside. You need to be sure that all gages to measure the pressure and the vacuum of the gas should be compatible to R32 as well as vacuum pump. Because R32 works in different pressure limits.

Before you put the gas inside the system, outdoor unit must put into vacuum after all the piping connections done. Vacuum pump is connected to the service port. Vacuum can help humidity and the air inside the system to be sucked.

 When vacuum pump connected and low pressure valve opens vacuum pump are ready to start. Vacuum pump will be disconnected after low pressure stop valve is shot down. Check the gages if there is any refrigerant leakage. If everything is OK, R 32 is ready to put into the system. Vacuum in the system sucks the gas easily.

Next step is the electrical connections. After wiring done, now air conditioner unit is ready to run. When the electric power is connected, air conditioner unit is ready to run.


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Their technicians were very helpful, courteous, updating us on the job progress frequently and very communicative. This was my third time using their services and they are real professionals. I am extremely satisfied with their performance all this while and they are courteous. I will recommend them to others.

Nedim Alibi

Your team’s response time was superbly fast! The details on the problem of my air conditioner were well explained to us and subsequently it was rectified. Then, your team proposed to us for a maintenance plan that I immediately agreed. In future, I wouldn’t have to call anyone else for such jobs except them!

Naseer Yaseer

With the complete and thorough job by your team in your recent inspection and maintenance schedule the other day, we were indeed very satisfied with their performance. So happen they also discovered a problem with the air cond and after recommending to us whom we agreed,  it was done beautifully indeed.

Tan Lee Lee

The service provided was superb and the response was excellent!  I couldn’t be any happier with such a fantastic servicing rendered to us by your team of experts and their promptness really is a plus plus point.  The service is simply the best in this area; no one else can match them. Kudos to your team!

Ventolin Ebit

I had some issues with my air conditioner leaking on a Saturday and we felt great the service techs who came and repaired it on the spot. He was doing such an excellent job, explaining to me on the things to be done. In a matter of hours, our air conditioner was back to normal. They did such a fantastic job!

Noreen Noor

Great and fantastic service indeed! They have sent 3 men team of professional technicians to service my 4 units of air conditioners in my condo. They did a thorough inspection on the air conditioners whilst servicing them and they have tidied up my place after they completed the job. Surely we will recommend them to others.

Fuzi Fauzie

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