Panasonic Air Conditioner Service

Panasonic Air Conditioner Service in KL & Selangor

Any other air conditioner brands like Fujitsu, Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Carrier, etc. our experienced professional technicians do Panasonic Air Conditioner service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. They provide every customer their full support to keep your air conditioner unit keep working and running condition.

Since Panasonic produced its first home cooler in 1958, it has continued to pursue with its quest for relaxing comfort for its customers worldwide. Panasonic Air Conditioning Business Division had rolled out its world’s first huge capacity modular-combination Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with simultaneously cooling or heating with history that began 60 years ago. It has turned into a multinational company renowned around the globe and Panasonic air conditioners has gained worldwide recognition for its innovation in producing high quality air conditioners with up-to-date technologies, including its latest energy-saving products using original environmental technologies which are manufactured efficiently with uniformity, high quality and higher reliability.

Driven by its strong product innovation ideas, they have been evolving from the manufacturing of compressors to providing the ultimate air conditioning solutions for both consumers and the commercial communities. Their products have become a household brand that has the trust of the consumers for their products that have superior quality as well as its high reliability. Talking about reliability, Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so their customers can use them for a long time with confidence.

Our experience in advance technology is important for us. We can prevent available accessories and components of the system of these appliances free from dust by clean filter, to check the performance of the ventilation and to control energy efficiency of the cold temperature control in a number of ways therefor to maintain proper and reliable service is our business for our regular client.

As applied to all its other products, similarly, Panasonic air conditioners are produced in complying to all its standards in relation to maintaining its high reliability and durability in those countries where they are being marketed just to ensure their brand of products produced are always fulfilling the expectation of the customers at large.

Call, Whatsapp or submit a request to us for a quotation for your air conditioners needs, such as, air conditioner installation, repair and servicing. We can say that as an authorized service provider in order to reduce your expenses anything faulty in electrical system can be fixed. 


Aircon Installation

Chiller Repair

Aircon Servicing

Chiller Servicing

Aircon Repair

Freezer Repair

Aircon Trade In

Freezer Servicing

Ceiling & Cassette Pricing

Aircon Type




3.0HP & Above

General Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





*Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit.
*Overhaul 2nd and 3rd unit extra RM20 per unit, 4th unit and above extra RM30 per unit.

Wall Mounted Pricing

Aircon Type




2.5HP & Above 

Normal Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





Inverter Installation





Non-Inverter Installation





Capacitor Installation





Copper Pipe Installation





* Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit

Normal service includes,

  • for indoors - wash indoor filter and brush indoor coil blower without taking out the indoor unit.
  • for outdoor - washing outdoor unit.

Chemical servicing (Canvas)

  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash
  • Filter chemical wash
  • Indoor casing wash
  • Vacuum drainage tray
  • Vacuum drainage pipe
  • Outdoor coil chemical wash
  • Outdoor drainage pipe vacuuming
  • Check compressor health & top-up gas

Chemical servicing (Overhaul) added steps

  • Take out indoor for chemical wash
  • Take out outdoor only if necessary
  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash

* All units must be at the same location

Additional Service

  • Power point heater switch, RM120-RM190
  • 1 BTG copper casing, RM70
  • Inspection per visit, RM100
  • Gas top-up, RM120 per unit

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Their technicians were very helpful, courteous, updating us on the job progress frequently and very communicative. This was my third time using their services and they are real professionals. I am extremely satisfied with their performance all this while and they are courteous. I will recommend them to others.

Nedim Alibi

Your team’s response time was superbly fast! The details on the problem of my air conditioner were well explained to us and subsequently it was rectified. Then, your team proposed to us for a maintenance plan that I immediately agreed. In future, I wouldn’t have to call anyone else for such jobs except them!

Naseer Yaseer

With the complete and thorough job by your team in your recent inspection and maintenance schedule the other day, we were indeed very satisfied with their performance. So happen they also discovered a problem with the air cond and after recommending to us whom we agreed,  it was done beautifully indeed.

Tan Lee Lee

The service provided was superb and the response was excellent!  I couldn’t be any happier with such a fantastic servicing rendered to us by your team of experts and their promptness really is a plus plus point.  The service is simply the best in this area; no one else can match them. Kudos to your team!

Ventolin Ebit

I had some issues with my air conditioner leaking on a Saturday and we felt great the service techs who came and repaired it on the spot. He was doing such an excellent job, explaining to me on the things to be done. In a matter of hours, our air conditioner was back to normal. They did such a fantastic job!

Noreen Noor

Great and fantastic service indeed! They have sent 3 men team of professional technicians to service my 4 units of air conditioners in my condo. They did a thorough inspection on the air conditioners whilst servicing them and they have tidied up my place after they completed the job. Surely we will recommend them to others.

Fuzi Fauzie

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