Aquarium Chiller Repair

Aquarium Chiller Repair  in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Aquarium chiller works by transferring heat from the water to another medium and the process of heat exchange (evaporator coil) would cool down the water by way of heat removal from it that caused the temperature of water to fall and certainly aquarium chiller repair and maintenance is a must for proper maintaining of the water temperature of the aquarium chiller. Hence, removal of heat is subject to the principle that heat transfers from warmer source to cooler source. Since, a chiller consists of 4 main components i.e. compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil (heat exchanger) and expansion valve. Hence, the cooling cycle begins with the evaporator coil whereby the liquid refrigerant would evaporate in these coils and absorbs heat from the aquarium water that circulates through the evaporator unit. As this evaporator coils are made of titanium so it resists corrosion by saltwater and transfers heat into these coils with the refrigerant in its gaseous state draws out of the evaporator by the compressor which then pumps the gaseous refrigerant to the condenser raising its temperature and pressure whilst condenses the refrigerant in the condenser tubes and releasing its heat into the air.

Subsequently, the chiller fan blows the air across the hot condenser coils thereby removing the heat from the refrigerant in this manner. In completing the cycle, the liquid refrigerant in high pressure that was converted from its gaseous state then passes through the expansion valve, so, it reduces the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure as it goes into the evaporator and flows again over the chilled coils with more heat being absorbed.

In almost all cases the aquarists would choose purposely built aquarium chillers as they are quitter, smaller, much easier to install and maintain with the water temperature in the aquarium being continually measured by a thermostat. Thus, simply enter the desired temperature you wish to maintain in the temperature set up and the chiller will automatically switch it on and off as and when needed. Aquarium chillers will extract the heat from the water and released it into the air, that’s what it does.

In most circumstances, perhaps it is not recommended to place the chiller in an enclosed space, such as the aquarium closet or cabinet as the heat removed by the chiller from the aquarium will be released into the enclosed cabinet and this will potentially reheat the aquarium. Therefore, aquarium chillers are advisable to be placed in an area with sufficient airflow for the removal of heat that was expelled away from the chiller and aquarium. If the chiller is unable to release these heats it will be less effective and lots of energy will be wasted. Most manufacturers would recommend that at least 30-45cm of space is kept around the entire unit for proper airflows purposes.

Anyway, to avoid any overheating of the water in this aquarium chiller, it is highly recommended that for it to be regularly maintained. Regular cleaning of dust and similar elements of contaminants in the filter area of the chiller is extremely vital for the healthy survival of all the aquarium inhabitants such fishes and corals. This checking and cleaning of the filter is recommended to be performed in each month when the aquarium chillers are in use. Take note that the chiller electronics are not protected properly from the humidity and the heat damage that may arise from the hot air released by the chiller which needs to be removed from the room where the chiller is kept, otherwise it may not function at its best.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor area and believe you have unresolved chiller problems, we as professional air conditioner technicians with vast experience in air conditioner systems will be able to assist you. Our air conditioner professional technicians would identify the root cause of the problem and will provide you with the available options or repairing your unit for it to be up and running again, wherever possible.


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The service provided was superb and the response was excellent!  I couldn’t be any happier with such a fantastic servicing rendered to us by your team of experts and their promptness really is a plus plus point.  NHN Aircond Service is simply the best in this area; no one else can match them. Kudos to your team! 

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