Air Conditioner Servicing Types

Air Conditioner Servicing Types in KL & Selangor

To choose the right air conditioner service types must be really important for you, be it for your home or office. This is to ensure you always have the comfort to work or stay in the environment that we wanted for your own air conditioner type that is most suitable to your requirement.

Today, there are lots of varieties to choose from the available air conditioners in the market either locally made or imported whereby each type carries the specific features that fullfils the needs of the consumers for their home or office.

The consumers can easily choose the right one in terms of the model of the air conditioner and its pricing according to your budget. Our professional air conditioner specialist would be able to advice the consumers on choosing the right air conditioner for living and working environment.

Basically, there are 5 types of air conditioner system, namely, the Central Air Conditioner, Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner, Portable Air Conditioner, Window Air Conditioner and the Hybrid Air Conditioners. Each type has its own unique features and benefits with the one most fitting and suits the requirement of the consumers will be the ideal one for them.

In choosing the suitable air conditioner, generally the consumers would consider the following :

  1. Budget – Room air conditioners are relatively cheaper and easy to install as compared to the central air conditioners.
  2. Room Space – A bigger area would require higher capacity air conditioners.
  3. Ductless or Ductwork Type – Either ductless air conditioners which will cost much lesser than the ductwork types of air conditioners.
  4. Efficiency of Air Conditioner System – This ensures the performance of the air conditioners is at its optimum level that directly affects your electricity consumption.

You have the choice to choose the right air conditioner types based on the above factors. Besides that, suggest to seek the advice from a professional air conditioner specialist before you confirm on your choice of air conditioners. After choosing the most suitable air-conditioning systems and the selected airconditioner installed at your preferred room or area in the house or office where you experience the cooling air blow out of the vent of the air-conditioner causing you to feel so calm after a hectic day with hot and dry weather outside. As a standard practice, the air-conditioner comes along with a warranty for a year covering any manufacturing defect and workmanship that may cause the air-conditioner to be faulty whilst operating within the warranty period. Normally, the faulty unit will be replaced once it is confirmed the fault does not arise from the mishandling of the unit.

Other than that, so as to make sure that the air-cond perform efficiently not only for a short few years but we expect it to operate in good condition throughout its life span in the region of not less than 10 years. This is only possible if the air-con units are well maintain, look after and take care, not only from its physical appearance but also on its vital parts and components that keeps it functioning as normally would be for an aircond. Meaning the aircond units are regularly serviced by the air-conditioner professionals who are not only the experts in its field but also qualified to recommend solutions to any air-conditioning needs be it during servicing or preventive maintenance of these air-conditioners towards maintaining them so as to be as efficient as possible.

Our air-conditioner professionals offer great advices and solutions to your air conditioners cooling system needs.​ Other than servicing and maintenance, we too offer installation and repair services for the various types of air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

Our professional air conditioner service team will apply the latest technology and high quality servicing for your air conditioner units. The services we offer will enhance the cooling efficiency and promote energy saving of the air conditioners, wherever applicable. Hence, it will enable to improve the system resilience and increase the longevity of your air conditioners cooling system.

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Aircon Installation

Chiller Repair

Aircon Servicing

Chiller Servicing

Aircon Repair

Freezer Repair

Aircon Trade In

Freezer Servicing

Ceiling & Cassette Pricing

Aircon Type




3.0HP & Above

General Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





*Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit.
*Overhaul 2nd and 3rd unit extra RM20 per unit, 4th unit and above extra RM30 per unit.

Wall Mounted Pricing

Aircon Type




2.5HP & Above 

Normal Service





Chemical Service (Canvas)





Chemical Service (Overhaul)





Inverter Installation





Non-Inverter Installation





Capacitor Installation





Copper Pipe Installation





* Price is for 1 unit, additional units will cost RM10 for 2nd and 3rd unit. 4th unit and above is an additional RM20 per unit

Normal service includes,

  • for indoors - wash indoor filter and brush indoor coil blower without taking out the indoor unit.
  • for outdoor - washing outdoor unit.

Chemical servicing (Canvas)

  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash
  • Filter chemical wash
  • Indoor casing wash
  • Vacuum drainage tray
  • Vacuum drainage pipe
  • Outdoor coil chemical wash
  • Outdoor drainage pipe vacuuming
  • Check compressor health & top-up gas

Chemical servicing (Overhaul) added steps

  • Take out indoor for chemical wash
  • Take out outdoor only if necessary
  • Indoor cooling coil chemical wash

* All units must be at the same location

Additional Service

  • Power point heater switch, RM120-RM190
  • 1 BTG copper casing, RM70
  • Inspection per visit, RM100
  • Gas top-up, RM120 per unit

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Their technicians were very helpful, courteous, updating us on the job progress frequently and very communicative. This was my third time using their services and they are real professionals. I am extremely satisfied with their performance all this while and they are courteous. I will recommend them to others.

Nedim Alibi

Your team’s response time was superbly fast! The details on the problem of my air conditioner were well explained to us and subsequently it was rectified. Then, your team proposed to us for a maintenance plan that I immediately agreed. In future, I wouldn’t have to call anyone else for such jobs except them!

Naseer Yaseer

With the complete and thorough job by your team in your recent inspection and maintenance schedule the other day, we were indeed very satisfied with their performance. So happen they also discovered a problem with the air cond and after recommending to us whom we agreed,  it was done beautifully indeed.

Tan Lee Lee

The service provided was superb and the response was excellent!  I couldn’t be any happier with such a fantastic servicing rendered to us by your team of experts and their promptness really is a plus plus point.  The service is simply the best in this area; no one else can match them. Kudos to your team!

Ventolin Ebit

I had some issues with my air conditioner leaking on a Saturday and we felt great the service techs who came and repaired it on the spot. He was doing such an excellent job, explaining to me on the things to be done. In a matter of hours, our air conditioner was back to normal. They did such a fantastic job!

Noreen Noor

Great and fantastic service indeed! They have sent 3 men team of professional technicians to service my 4 units of air conditioners in my condo. They did a thorough inspection on the air conditioners whilst servicing them and they have tidied up my place after they completed the job. Surely we will recommend them to others.

Fuzi Fauzie

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