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As we mentioned on subject of types of chiller, you will remember that there are different types available in the market. Depending on the type and the capacity, respectively the size of the unit, installation of chiller in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is a serious business.

Whatever the size is, it is bigger than the air conditioner unit. That is why they need special attention and work coordination during the installation process. The bigger the unit the more attention and coordination required.

The location for the chiller unit installation should be prepared in advance. When the unit is delivered to the installation location crane and forklifts should be ready to handle due to the size of the unit. Crane is necessary to lift the unit from low loader or truck vertically while forklift is used for horizontal movement to pull the unit into the building or installation location.

Strict coordination is required with crane and forklift while they are working together. This coordination is necessary not to scrub lower part of the unit, more particularly copper pipes underneath, on the uneven surfaces while pulling horizontally.

To put the under stay unit first if the unit is more than one pieces. Some parts could be under the other units, so the top unit could be kept for the last to install. This needs another job coordination.

Some units are for indoor installation only, and in door location should be prepared for them to be installed while some units could be installed outdoor but smooth surface with isolation should be prepared for them as well.

When location for installation is chosen, service area around the chiller unit should be reserved. Due to the heavy work load, of course depending on the size, all units should be mounted on shock observer and on the vibration isolation pads.

When foundation for the installation is prepared should be higher than the surrounding for drainage purposes and the ditch has to be there as well. Surrounding of the foundation platform should be done with water-proofing.

Sufficient lighting around the unit has to be placed in order to control running operation and system checks. If the unit is installed in covered room or location, sound reflection could be a problem for the operation. To handle this sound absorption and sound insulation should be considered.

Prevention vibration propagation from the piping unit could be from water piping and relief valve discharges. In order to prevent the installation with un expected sound problems, expansion joints could be used.

During piping, if pipes cross the wall, open ends should be covered not to get any dust into the pipe. If pipes will be laid underground installer should be extremely careful for dust prevention measures.

Most of the chiller units run on three phase 380 V and good electrical wiring is necessary. High voltage and low voltage cabling should be separated between each other and housed with piping.

Whenever you want to have chiller installed in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area please contact our experienced technicians. They will guide you the best solution and lowest cost possible. Don’t forget installation of chiller in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is our business. Call us now.



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