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In an air conditioning system, a refrigerant (aircon gas) plays a vital role in circulating through its evaporator coils which then cools down the air that flows over it before sending the cooling air to the conditioned room, provided the aircon gas pressure is at the right level, neither overcharged nor undercharged. An aircon gas in its fluid state is commonly used in refrigerators and aircon to absorb the heat from within the refrigerators or the room as for aircon and transfer the heat into the environment. The aircon gas being a phase change material from liquid state to gaseous state with heat absorbing and revert back into liquid state as being compressed by the compressor. The perfect choice of this aircon gas is made according to its preferred thermo-dynamic properties, safety from being non-flammable and non-toxic and its nature of non-corrosiveness. No doubt there are a number of fluids that can be picked to act as the aircon gas but in the 20th century CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) has become the most favourite refrigerants.

The most favourite aircon gas in the previous years was CFC called Freon and it was the brand name for aircon gas, R-12 produced by DuPont. Between the years 90s and 21st century, CFCs have been replaced by hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and the favourite choice HCFC was R-22. Even though, HCFCs are slightly more popular as compared to CFCs but its chlorine content still is harmful to the environment and to remove the chlorine content in the aircon gas, a new type of aircon gas known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) was created. Though it has potential towards global warming, it is still a good choice than HCFCs as they are not in the category of ozone depleting substances. The much preferred HFCs used in air conditioning system is R-410A and this aircon gas is much more preferred than R-22 based on its energy efficiency and without ozone depleting potential but nevertheless it will cause an impact on global warming.

As it is critical for the aircon gas pressure to be always maintained strictly at the correct level at all times and to avoid any overcharging or undercharging of refrigerant at any time in the air conditioning system so as to ensure cooling air is continually sent into the room and preventing any untowards effect onto the other respective components of the air conditioning system, particularly its compressor which if remained unchecked will cause it to be damaged.

This overcharging or undercharging of aircon gas or heat pump, including aircon gas leaking can be detected and each scenario whether overcharged or undercharged level of aircon gas has its own detrimental effects if it is allowed to continue to happen without closed monitoring and if no action is taken whenever the aircon’s cooling capacity has reduced or lost. Aircon gas pressure readings that is measured at the aircon compressor-condenser unit which is too low on the low-pressure side (compressor input/suction line) or high-pressure side (compressor output) would indicate some problem with the ability of the compressor to run as normal operating pressure ranges, hence will cause an impact on the air conditioning system cooling capacity.

Amongst the effects in case the aircon gas pressure is overcharged or undercharged are:

  • The air conditioning system will run extremely cold at its evaporator coil causing the coils to be frozen and losing cooling air to be blown into the room. This happens when the aircon gas is low (undercharged) due to leaking, etc.
  • When undercharged aircon gas, lesser heat can be removed from the system into the environment as per unit time of operation of its equipment thereby reducing its operating efficiency.
  • For overcharged or too much aircon gas in the system, this will lead to abnormal air conditioning system with some cases the compressor was damaged due to liquid slugging the compressor motor.
  • For overcharged or excessive aircon gas in the system raises the operating temperature and pressure of the system thereby reduces its cooling capacity.
  • For overcharged or excessive aircon gas in the system, the compressor motor may be destroyed should the liquid refrigerant gets into the moving parts of the motor.

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