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For those who are running central air conditioner, in case it is temporarily out of order or in the midst of service or maintenance, though having for a short period the portable air conditioners perhaps will be the best option during the hot weather. However, just as for any appliances, air conditioners too must be regularly maintained even during its non-usage period to make sure it still works when you need them with portable air conditioner repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area by the professional technicians can be arranged in case you need it.

The commonly faced problems with portable air conditioners and the ways to tackle them are as follows:

  1. Air Conditioner Unable To Start or Cease To Operate

Various reasons can be found for air conditioners unable to start or stop to operate. First thing that is needed to do is to check whether the portable air conditioner unit has been plugged to the power point and receiving power supply. Besides that, to also ensure its power-cord is working. Next, is to check whether the unit is using timer as the timer stops the unit from working or even stopping the unit in starting altogether. Finally, to check whether the temperature of the unit has been set, since if the ambient temperature is lower than the set up temperature, then, the unit is either not turning on or turning off quite fast.

  1. Air Conditioner Not Cooling

If the room is a large room or its ceiling is high, it will take time for the air conditioner units to perform in cooling down the room, especially on a really warm day. However, should your room still feels warm even after it has been working for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, then, you may have an issue with the air conditioner as very likelihood the air conditioner is far too small for the room size it was cooling. Just as for the other types of air conditioners, this type of air conditioners are categorised according to their respective BTU rating. So, if your air conditioner has the inaccurate BTU rating, then, it will not perform efficiently. When its BTU is large, the air conditioner will consistently runs on a on and off cycle, whilst too low BTU, the air conditioner would not able to cool the room as it would like to. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you to get the size of the room where you will use the portable air conditioner unit when purchasing it. Anyway, normally the portable air conditioner cartons will indicate the specific model it will apply for particular room size. So, should you found your room is in between these sizes, always choose the bigger model. If the portable air conditioner unit fits the size of your room, it will be true that the ambient temperature may than be extremely high as the unit works by drawing cool air into a room whilst expelling the hot air to the outside through the air conditioner’s compressor. By this consistent expulsion it causes pressure imbalance which pulls in warm air from other places of the house or building. To overcome this, it is necessary that all doors leading to the room to be closed and if the room receives lots of sunlight just ensure to cover all the affected windows with shades or curtains. Finally, should you find that your air conditioner is still not working properly, then, it is likely in need for a cleaning job.            

  1. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Much Air

It was found that dirty filters causes short of air flow, so when within the portable air conditioner is dusty and dirty, then, need to carefully remove its filter based on its operational manual and to clean it up. At the same time to wipe out the exposed internal parts with a damp clean cloth. Other reason for short of air flow is due to the frost being present on the evaporator coils building up and freezes the coils when water did not drain out properly from the portable air conditioners. Should you found frost on these coils after removing the filter, it is best to off your air conditioner to allow defrosting, then, wipe out any remaining water with a dry cloth. Once it dries up, you will have an air conditioner that runs well.   

  1. Air Conditioner Smelly

Smelly odour from your air conditioner would likely indicating you have mildew or mold problem which may have grown in damp places within the air conditioner, particularly where there is water retention which form an ideal breeding environment for the growth of spores. Based on your portable air conditioner manual, inspect its interior and check its evaporator coils, filter, drain pan and drain line. If any mildew or mold is found, quickly clean it thoroughly whilst wearing a mask using a cleaner which is specifically made for mildew and mold.  

If the above steps are followed, it will have your portable air conditioner well protected during the off-season period and it will be able to run smoothly for many years to come. However, if all these steps are not working, it would be the time to call in professional technicians or simply purchase a new portable air conditioner. If you are in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor area and believe you have a portable air conditioner problem, we as professional air conditioner technicians with vast experience in air conditioning systems will be able to assist you. Our air conditioner technicians would identify the root cause of the problem and will provide you with the available options including installing a new portable air conditioner unit or repairing your unit for it to be up and running again, wherever possible. We also do air conditioner servicing and maintenance for all types of air conditioners.

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