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Window air conditioners or also referred to as room units, work in a similar manner as the central air conditioners but any window air conditioner repair should be left to the air conditioner professionals, especially when its major components such as the condenser coils, evaporator coils, compressor and the motor are sealed components contained in one housing. In between these coils are the compressor, a motor, two fans and a thermostat control. Of course, some minor repairs could still be made by you with regular maintenance to keep the unit in running condition. So, any major repairs needed the air conditioner professionals will remove the window air conditioner from its mounting before bringing the unit to the repair shop which will save you some costs here.

The window air conditioners are smaller and lesser efficient than central air conditioner system which may make it more expensive to operate. The window unit may only cool the room in which it is located or perhaps it may be able to cool the adjoining rooms as well but this depends on its size.

Dirt has been singled out as the greatest culprit to the window air conditioners as it could lower the efficiency of the evaporator coil, not only that but also blocks the fan’s operations that blows out the cool air, clogs the filter and blocks the drain ports. Due to the dirty air filter it causes inadequate air flow and these air conditioners will not blow cool air. In a normal running air conditioner, the fan will pull air passing the evaporator coils, cooling it and re-circulating it inside the room. Therefore, once the air filter is clogged or dirty, there could be little or without air flow drawn across the evaporator coils and this cause them to be very cold and gets frosted thereby restricts the  flow of air much more and causing without or little cooling air circulating into the room. Normally, the air filter is located at the back of the front grill that may have a side access opening. Hence, to prevent the filter clogging issue, need to clean or replace the filter as often as needed. As for the evaporator coils, if they are very dirty, perhaps by cleaning them with detergent water and soft brush will do the trick but replacing the filter is a better option.

Besides the dirty air filter, the temperature control or thermostat can prevent your window air conditioner from blowing cool air. The thermostat monitors the temperature of the incoming air whilst turning the compressor off or on as the sensing bulb linked to the control extending to the front parts of the evaporator coils and from the electrical components within the body of the control supplying power to the circuit of the compressor. When the temperature set is below the room temperature, as the sensing bulb monitors the room air temperature it instructs the compressor to turn on and vice versa in turning the compressor off when the desired temperature has been reached. So, when the thermostat is defective it will not send power to the compressor, hence, no cooling will occur. There is a need to check the sending bulb for any signs of damage, sharp bend or kinking and if found any, to replace the thermostat. Alternatively, you may check the status of the thermostat using a multimeter with its dial set to the lowest. Then, verifying the sensing bulb being properly located in the air flow through its evaporator coils before confirming the out of order status of the thermostat.

Next, the cause of your window air conditioner not blowing cool air could be due to its fan or fan motor as normally the fan draws air over the cold evaporator coils and recirculate the air back into the room. Should the circulating fan is running too slow or is not running, so without or little air flow across these coils will cause them to be too cold and gets frosted which will restrict the air flow even more. Always ensure the fan motor turns easily and its blades are working, else need to get it replaced. Even if the motor turns easily it may still be defective or not getting power from the thermostat and all these tests are complicated, so advisable to be performed by a qualified person.

After performing the above, if there is still a problem with the air conditioner unable to blow cool air, perhaps the problem lies in the circuit of the compressor as most of these air conditioners are using a capacitor to assist in starting the compressor. Hence, if the capacitor is defect, so does the compressor, so the fan will not blow cooling air. Both the capacitor and compressor are placed inside the cabinet and to access them will need removal of its cover. Should replacement of the capacitor is required; ensure the capacitor to be replaced has the same specifications as the original.

If you have any difficulties in overcoming all or any of above recommendations on your aircon system, it is always advisable to call in our aircon professional technicians to rectify and providing solutions to your aircon issues. If you are in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor area and believe you have unresolved aircon problems, we as professional aircon technicians with vast experience in aircon systems will be able to assist you. Our aircon technicians would identify the root cause of the problem and will provide you with the available options or repairing your unit for it to be up and running again, wherever possible.

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