Carrier inverter air conditioner prices in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area varies depending on the area that you purchased the unit. Carrier Malaysia, who are established in the Malaysia market since 1959, announced its new products like a single split with fixed speed inverter and multi-split inverter models.

Price range is depending on the HP and the mounting type. Wall-mounted air conditioner units are relatively cheaper than the ceiling mounted types since they have low HP value. For example, ceiling-mounted inverter models from 2.5 HP to 4 HP price range is between RM 3,880.00 to RM 7,770.00 which is considered in the high side.

Wall-mounted type models are cheaper than the others. For example, a single split inverter model for 1.5 HP is around RM 1,550.00 which is considered cheap. Single split inverter model for 2 HP price jump up to over RM 2,100.00, 2.5 HP price goes to RM 2,700.00 and for 3 HP single split inverter model goes to RM 3,600.00.

If you want a ceiling type cassette inverter model for 1.5 HP the cheapest one is around RM 2,550.00 while 3 HP unit is around RM 3,100.00. On the other hand, depending on the features of the unit, there are some 2,5 HP ceiling mounted cassette inverter types prices are around RM 4,000.00 while 4 HP cassette ceiling inverter models are around RM 5,900.00 which is on the high-end side.

The highest HP unit you can find in Carrier production is the ceiling cassette inverter model for 5 HP which is priced around RM 7,800.00 and 5.5 HP one in the same type is around RM 8,300.00.

The choice is yours. All kinds of air conditioner units are available in the market for all types of budgets and requirements. You only need to do proper research and decide what you want from your air conditioner units.

If you have any questions about which model could fit your needs please consult our technical team. Call us now.