If you don’t know how to fix aircon leaks in your resident in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area you are in trouble. As a house owner or aircon unit owner in the rental residence, you are not expected to know everything about your air conditioner units. But it is useful to get to know that leaking is a service issue for your unit.

Just to get to know this problem and what causes to the problem makes you know to communicate with the air conditioner serviceman. You can ask them to check the insulation of the system, cleanness of the filters, drain pipes i.e.

The most common cause of leakage could happen due to blocked drain pipes. Condensed water in the coils could not find the way out to drain itself, instead of drip into the room.  Just servicing your air conditioner unit could get rid of leakage.

When air conditioner filters are dirty and clogged normal airflow cannot be provided to the evaporator coils for heat exchange.  The result most probably is the frozen or iced evaporator coils which cause water leaks in a time frame.

It is not common but air conditioner refrigerant could leak as well. If refrigerant leaks this is dangerous it turns gaseous form in the room. The only solution is to call the aircon specialist to repair or service your air conditioner unit.  You will realize that all of your problems resolve after the service of your units.

Call our experienced service team to check your system and understand your need. They are here to help you.