Now the advent of the new technology, window-mounted air conditioner units installed inverter functionalities in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. This type of air conditioner unit is more convenient for the tenants who can move from home to home while transferring their own air conditioner units together with them If no aircon unit provided in their new residence.

It is a single component that all parts in one case, indoor and outdoor units. In a sense, it is a compact unit, mounted into the window frame indoor unit faces inside the room and the outdoor unit faces the opposite of the window which is outside.

Normally it moves the inside air within the room. During this process, the air gets cool and drops the humidity level down.

When it is equipped with inverter model energy efficiency, silent operation, and continuous operation gets into the picture. The compressor life cycle is more than noninverted models. The life cycle of the whole system is longer.

Besides lots of benefits as an inverter model, the window-mounted inverter model has WiFi ready nowadays. This means that you can control your air conditioner unit while you are outside of your house through internet connections. The only need is the App which comes with the air conditioner system. 

For example, LG has a dual inverter window type air conditioner units in the overseas market. We are hoping that they will come to the Malaysian market soon.