When you hear about air conditioner unit verses fan in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you might think that two different fan which involves in our lives. These two different fans that we mentioned here could be the fan in the air conditioner unit as a blower and the fan on the ceiling as air circulator in the room.

The one in the room as an air circulator on the ceiling provides nothing air circulation. It is like a breeze in the room. It helps you not feel the hot temperature while having the breeze. You can feel yourself sitting next to the seaside. This can be used depending on the temperature even if you have an air conditioner unit at the same time. You might choose to use the fan only and feel like no need to use the air conditioner unit at that temperature.

On the other hand, the air conditioner unit could also be used just as a fan. When you set up the temperature higher than the environmental temperature, the air conditioner compressor would never trigger to start and fan continuously circulate the air in the room. This could be an inefficient use of the air conditioner unit but in some conditions, it could be necessary.

Most of the time houses with budget concern have only fan not an air conditioner unit. If this is the situation, you need to bear for the humidity. You can get the cool feeling with the fan anyway. This could be in the living rooms but bedrooms mostly have one in all houses in order to sleep nicely.

Basically what I do is to turn on the air conditioner unit in my bedroom for half an hour and when the room is cooled down, I turned the air conditioner unit OFF and ON the fan of the room till to the morning. Room temperature gradually increase so the humidity due to the air conditioner unit is not working but the time difference from cool to normal allows me to go into the sleep nicely.

Running the air conditioner unit all night also could be considered but you might get cold, or use thick blankets rudder than light one. It is a choice by the way.  I can recommend to you that you run your air conditioner unit in your bedroom short while, it is much healthier. Besides healthier, it also helps your wallet not paying more.