When it comes to the centralized air conditioner, duct design in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area becomes an important factor. Air conditioner ducts are metal closed frame boxes that carry cooled air to the rooms required. The duct system is designed to minimize the distances between cooling systems to the distribution of the cool air to the rooms.

In order to provide the best cooling ever additional evaporator coils are also established depending on the distances from the cooling system. Duct system plans look like a branch and sub-branches of the tree. Each sub-branch ends up to the entrance to the individual rooms or within the room, they form up additional air entrances.

Normally ducts are designed in the rectangular form of metal boxes in the residential locations to keep the ceiling height properly. The factory duct system could be in cylindrical shape besides the boxes form. Whatever the shape is looking like the duct system works the same.

There is a filter system attached to the edge of the duct system in order to provide the purest air into the room. If there is more than one air inlet in the room, normally the design of the duct system aims to circulate the air inside the room so their targeted blowing directions are different from each other.

Since it is a centralized air conditioner system with a high power compressor, each distribution point connected to each other with a duct system to the individual rooms could have additional evaporator at the entrance points which are supported by the powerful air conditioner compressor.

If this is the case, which is most of the time is, you have the privilege of adjusting the temperature inside the room. This gives flexibility and comfort for the residents in the complex. These are all considered to provide better living conditions to the residents by the duct design.

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