Air conditioner timer switch in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is widely used by all owners of the air conditioners. It gives flexibility to the owner to run their air conditioner unit how long and when to start working and stop working when required.

The air conditioner timer switch is located in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. It corresponds to its remote control unit respectively. When the working period time and start time are set from the remote control unit, this request converted as an electronic signal to be transmitted to the indoor unit.

When an indoor unit remote control receiver receives this signal, passes to the timer switch through its control panel. Depending on the start time, the control panel timer gives the start signal to the air conditioner unit to start operation with the selected temperature set by the remote itself.

The selected working period most of the time between one or two hours and it is programmed to stop after you slept. Or you can pre-program to your air conditioner unit to start working before you arrive at the venue in advance. When you arrive the environment could be cool enough as you required.

As seen above, the air conditioner timer switch could give you more flexibility in operation for your comfort. Please use it for your benefit and try to find the best selection for your comfort on your premises.

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