Air conditioner compressor size in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area are the main determining parameter as all around the world for the selection of the BTU of the unit depending on the size of the room cooling down. Clearly it is not the physical dimension of the unit rather the cooling capacity of the unit is referred to as a size. To determine the size of the unit reflected the operation cost and the capacity that the unit must cool.

In practice, the size of the room, by length and width multiply each other and this figure multiplies by the 25 BTU. The result could be the size of the compressor you need to choose for that room. Total BTU calculated is a direct correlation with the HP of the compressor motor.

You can say how about the height of the room. This issue is solved by mounting the air conditioner indoor unit at the close by to the ceiling. Of course, you need to select a couple of BTU higher units that the calculated amount to cover the high ceilings if it is not standard height.

When the cold air comes from the evaporator coils it comes down to the floor from the ceiling. Hot air in the room replaces that cold air coming down and hot air sucks into the evaporator coils to cool down immediately in the cooling cycle.  

Besides the size of the compressor mounting the indoor unit is also important to get the effective results from the chosen compressor size.

During the installation of the new unit, you need to determine the mounting height of the indoor unit anyway. If the height of the room is 10 ft standard, air conditioner indoor unit should be mounted at the 7-8 ft height if the system is split system. If it is window mounted, it should be mounted 3-4 ft above the floor area.

To select the right size of the compressor is important. There is a myth the bigger is the better but it is not through in aircon selection. The bigger units compared to the room size, is not good at all, causing too much on and off-cycle to the air conditioner unit and not effectively dehumidify the room which makes us comfortable in the long run due to the fast cooling to the room volume installed. That is why it is important to select the right size of the compressor in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area since we are located just in the tropics. Our experienced technical team could help you to calculate what you need for your premises. Call us now.