The usage of the air conditioner system in the early ’80s was minimum. Later on, air conditioner systems became an essential commodity for both residential and commercial buildings due to air pollution and the increased population. Demands increased to the usage of air conditioner units everywhere. These changes affected the air conditioner system layout in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area as well as on the other parts of the world.

When we take the layout into consideration, we need to understand what kind of effects air conditioner cause in our life. The most important issue is the noise that the compressor creates to the environment that we live in. Noise in our environment could affect our wellbeing, sleeping conditions as well as relaxation which we need most in daily hectic lifestyle.

The noise, also called residential appliance noise, is getting a big problem when the distance is decreased in the high-density city life and combined with increased sales of air conditioner units. To reduce the noise level of the air conditioner units, all scientists work hard to do it. They suggest putting acoustic barriers for the outdoor units to reduce the sound that they produced.

In order to reduce the noise level not to disturb the neighbor, an air conditioner unit installation should be done not located adjacent to the neighbor’s windows, bedroom or living room areas. Landed properties have more flexibility to install the split type air conditioner units close to the ground which could allow aquatic barriers can be used.

These barriers could be in the form of fences and garden walls to screen the noise level. These fences should be used in the line-of-sight position between the two locations. Sound travels like a light, reflected from the hard surfaces in the form of strait direction.

Professional air conditioner suppliers should suggest the right unit for you in conjunction with the load estimation of the system together with the heat load estimation. As a result, you can get the right unit for your premises.

While doing this survey before offering you the best system, they check the solar heat gain through the glass windows, walls and the roofs. The occupancy rate of the room is also another factor to take into consideration. After going through all parameters, our professional serviceman can advise which air conditioner system layout for you in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area with the minimum noise level.

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