Air conditioner trunking is an isolation method of piping and wiring when professionals do the installation of the air conditioner unit in your premises in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Trunking of the pipes and wiring has to be done by the professionals, so the trunking related issues could not happen.

Professional installers should choose the right thickness of the trunking pieces of equipment, which all pipes and wires would be sealed in, while pipes and wires are traveling in the room from indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Failure to choose the right thickness could cause condensation of water in the trunking system due to the temperature differences in and out of the trunking.

If there is condensation within the trunking, this could happen due to the thicker trunk usage; this means that dripping water in the room unexpectedly from every part of the trunking, where it travels in the room.

In order not to face these kinds of issues, the right trunking materials have to be chosen by the professional installers’ basis on the manufacturer’s advice. Air conditioner unit manufacturer always advice what is the proper size of trunking should be used during the installation.

This information is known by the professional installers, so our advice is to choose a professional installer, like our trusted servicemen.

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