Sometimes your Toshiba air conditioner remote control unit is not working in your resident in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. This could be due to a couple of reasons.

First is the age of your unit. As it happens to the air conditioner unit, the remote controller has the life cycle as well. It might be reached the end of its life cycle. Before we understand the real reason why it is not working, we need to check a couple of steps.

When you press the remote control unit to on or off the air condition unit from a distance, it should receive the command and execute it. If there is no response, the first reason could be the dirt covering the transmitter unit live led. Clean it with a moist cloth. If no result second reason should be the proximity. Normally all remote control units should be used effectively within 20 ft distance from the indoor unit. You can close the gap between you and the indoor unit and test again. If no respond again there must be another reason why it is not working.

Check if there is any obstacle between eyesight of the remote controller and the indoor unit. The transmission should be reached when direct eyesight established between remote control unit transmitter and the indoor unit receptor. If you find that one of the furniture is blocking the eyesight, just remove it to the side and try again. If no result there must be another reason.

Check the battery inside the remote control unit. The battery could be weak, not able to apply the command to the device. Change the battery and try again. If no result again, check the polarity of the battery installed into the remote control unit. “+” sign should to the “+” sing in order to work properly.

After you have checked all of the above steps, still if there is no result, the issue is on your remote control unit. Check the remote control unit led light is blinking when you press any of the buttons to execute the command. If there is no LED blinking your remote is reached to the end of its life cycle. Please change your Toshiba remote control unit with a new one.

Contact our service center; we can help you to find the original or universal remote control which you could use instead. Call us.