Being one of the best selling air conditioner brands in Malaysia, Mitsubishi Inverter air conditioner in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area gives us the best idea about their prices.

Prices are different from conventional to the inverter model besides the HP of the unit itself. Of course, the inverter models are much more expensive if you compare with non-inverter models but all are affordable with normal citizens.

You can find all kind of price range for Mitsubishi aircon non-inverter models starting from RM 1,300 range of 1 HP, which is the smallest unit till to RM 2,800 for 2 HP units for residential. Sometimes you can find below RM 1,000 range during the promotion done by individual authorized sellers.

Ceiling mounted models, of course, they have high HP, starting from 2 HP to 5 HP with the price range of RM 2,800 till to RM 4,800 in the market. These are advisable for office buildings mostly.

When it comes to the inverter models, due to the high technology involved, prices are higher as expected. Inverter wall-mounted model ranges starts from RM 2,000 for 1 HP over till to RM 3,600 for 2.5 HP.

As a professional service provider, it is not wasting time to highlight once more, before you invest any brand and any capacity please come and consult us. We are here to help you to choose the right model and affordable brand to your needs.

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