Each everyone who has air conditioner unit installed their premises, they should know how to clean air conditioner filter in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. It can be done by the specialist serviceman as well as the DIY method.

Now a day’s air conditioner filters are more sophisticated. Filter installed on to the air conditioner units display different features from simple to advance style. Simple filter you can just take it off from their location and blow the dust accumulated in their combs than rinse with water. This can be done by you.

On the other hand, sophisticated filters like Nano-particle holder, pollen allergies cut filters, electrostatic filters and self-cleaning type filters are needed specialty serviceman most particularly expert on those brands which you are holding in your premise.

You could have washable filters as well as foam filters which can easily be replaced. Most of the foam filters are replaceable. Besides your filter could be nylon plastic mesh filter pads or activated carbon filter. You need to consult service provider in order to clean as well as replace them.

We encourage you to check with our experienced serviceman in order to learn more as well as to have them cleaned. Contact us now.