The aircon filter material in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area used for international standards. Filter material is the heart of the system which provides clean air into the environment which is room.

They are made upon different material to provide maximum safety in the air conditioning system. The simple material is the metal fences which allow the air through in. This could be placed in the indoor unit and easily can be taken out and washed.

Filter material is usually called filter media which covers most of the models either in-home use, commercial use or industrial use. Filter media depending on the usage can be made up of layers of different materials combined. There is an always metal fence to guide or hold soft material which provides better filtration for small particles.

These soft materials are mostly self-charging electrostatic fibers with anti-microbial woven polypropylene to keep the micron level of small particles as well as the microbes.

These are supported with a polyester self-charging filter to support the system. All around these all, there is front grill with air diffusing metal part to maximize the air flow into the filter area.

Depending on the model and the quality of the air conditioner unit, soft material in the filter media could be paper-based woven material as well. These could be cleaned with high-pressure air in order to get rid of dust accumulated on.

Within these layers, some models have carbon filter element in between the layers. We can find cheap disposable filter media in the market as well. These are disposable electrostatic, disposable fiberglass and disposable pleated filter materials.

These are cheap and replaceable within 30 days which reduces service time but some give back pressure to the aircon fan which pushes the air into the room due to the tick materials used as a con for the system.

Some advance filter systems provide allergy protection as well as odor neutralization.

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