As a layman customer troubleshooting air conditioner problems at home in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area could be easy if you know what to check.

Most common problem is not cooling of the air conditioner units. This could be the result of less refrigerant caused by leakage or access refrigerant in the system caused by charging more chemical than needed. Qualified technicians could detect this issue and advice what to do. Un qualified technicians could make this case worse by adding more chemical than needed. Chemical gas amount should be exact amount as indicated by the manufacturer.

Another problem you may encounter is inadequate maintenance which cause dirty filters block to the evaporator or condenser coils. Fan units which are behind these both coils could fail prematurely due to blockage of the dirt and over time run under pressure.

Another failure could be corrosion of the wiring system which provides electric power to the air conditioner unit. Electric contacts and wires should be checked while professional technician comes to the service.

Thermostat sensor problem is another issue you could face. Be sure that thermostat sensor bulb should be in its position not touching but close by the evaporator coils. If touching bending the copper pipe attached to the thermostat sensor can be helpful to adjust the right position to the sensor. Otherwise temperature control could be havoc, which you don’t want irregular running air conditioner units.

In Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area the humidity at the outside could cause more condense water in the trays. Check the condense water in the drain tray and drain pipes. If it is clogged could be overflow into the room or rust at the outside units.

When you know your system failure, you can contact with our qualified technical team and ask for help when you needed. We are there to serve you. Call us now.