When you hear that air conditioner blower is not working in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you can think of two different thoughts, because there are two different fans together with their electrical motors in air conditioner units. One is in the indoor unit and the other one is in the outdoor unit.

The one inside of the indoor unit is most common fan firstly referred to. This is the fan to blow cold air in to the room. This fan is not a usual shape and it is mostly rotating tubular form impeller which shaped aesthetically inside the indoor unit. Impeller has perfect angle to blow the air into the room basis on the rotation direction of the fan motor.

Both fan either in the indoor or outdoor unit if not functional most common reason why is the electrical problem rather than mechanical issue.

You need to check couple of things step by step.
1. Check the electrical power supply first. It might not be connected.
2. Check the main fuse regarding that air conditioner unit. It might be tripped.
3. If the electricity provide to the air conditioner unit, it could be another issue which needs professional’s attention. Call your service guys.
4. It might be simple capacitor problem to give start to the fan motor or even much simpler but can only be detected by the technicians.
5. Do not try to find the cause of failure if you are not qualified air conditioner technician or related profession in your core business.

In order to get safest result and professional service, we encourage you to contact your professional serviceman. If you don’t have one, we are delighted to serve you. Just call us now.