Aircon Compressor Not Running KL & Selangor

In an aircon system for the office or residential areas, the outside unit which is normally referred to as compressor or condenser unit is responsible partly for the heating and air conditioning process. So, when the aircon compressor not running in Kuala,Lumpur and Selangor areas, any kind of air conditioning will stop. This compressor is incorporated with different capacitors, fans and motors and that is where the refrigeration process begins.

Should your aircon is not running, it’s a high chance that something is wrong with its compressor. Perhaps, this may seem to sound like a bad news, and probably it is but the good news is that compressors could quite often be repaired. Anyway, before making any conclusions, it is best that you could do some troubleshooting first trying to identify the origin of the problem. Bear in mind that in this regard there is only so much that any person as homeowner can do. Besides, the tests that may be required to be carried out can only be handled by the aircon professionals.

In most circumstances, it will be quite unusual for the aircon compressor not to run but nevertheless there are several reasons why it is not, amongst others the following are the common 5 reasons you may wish to check.

  1. Thermostat Not At “Cool” Position

More often than not, the user did not switch the aircon to “Cool” position whenever it is switched on, so, the thermostat has not been set to condition the air either forgot to do so or after a new thermostat is installed without pressing the “Cool” button. Therefore, ensure to always set the temperature to lower than the room temperature as this will be the cue for your aircon to begin and for you to start receiving cooling air in the room.

  1. Circuit Breaker Tripped

As a preventive measure the aircon system will shut down automatically whenever the compressor draws in excess amperage. Hence, the compressor or condenser unit will not work until whatever that has caused the tripping is rectified. If the tripping occurs regularly, then, an electrician should be called in to take a look as it is abnormal for the circuit breaker to experience such frequent issues. Frequent starts and stops can wreak lots of havoc on the compressor and the aircon system as a whole.

  1. Fuse Blown

The very obvious thing to do when your compressor is unable to start is to ensure that the first thing the unit is receiving power. The fuse connector acts as a tiny electrical panel that is fed by the home/office’s larger electrical panel which fuels the compressor to work. This fuse connector contains 2 small fuses with each for voltage of 120v and if any one of these fuses got blown, it will cause inadequate electricity supply resulting in the compressor unable to work. If the fuses blown occur regularly, then, an electrician should be called in to take a look as it is abnormal for the fuses to experience such frequent issues.

  1. Run Capacitor Faulty

Run capacitor is similar to a battery in the aircon condenser unit and acts as a key component in the aircon system. So, whenever the run capacitor is faulty, so does the condenser as it will not work.

  1. Burnt Out Compressor

Often due to the electrical system of the aircon, the compressor can get burnt out, especially when the motor’s wiring are exposed or damaged which can result in burn or short between the steel parts of the motor and the compressor. As this happens, it will lead to the compressor unable to start up. This can be avoided by regularly inspecting the electrical system of the aircon.

If your aircon compressor is deemed to be completely out of order, probably you will have two options i.e. either you replace the compressor itself or replace the whole aircon unit. The crucial determining factor here is on the cost for the replacement of the compressor. It is not uncommon to work on the principles that if it is less than 50% of the cost of purchasing a whole new aircon unit, it is probably the most practical choice. If its costs are more than that, perhaps, purchasing a new aircon is probably the best way to go.

As mentioned above, certain aspects should be handled by the aircon professionals. If you live or work in or near Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas and believe that you have an aircon compressor problem, we can assist. Our goal is to resolve your problem in the most effective and affordable way possible. Our professional technicians will identify the origin of the problem and advise you of the available options accordingly. With any luck, your compressor could be repaired and your air conditioner will be up and running again soon.

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