Air Conditioner Yearly Maintenance KL & Selangor

As for what is required for the medical devices, maintenance forms an integral part in ensuring that the air conditioners functions efficiently throughout its life span and at optimum performance, whereby    air conditioner yearly maintenance is established between both parties, the consumer or end-user and the professional air conditioner service provider. Any neglect on the maintenance that is necessary to be carried out on a regular basis by the consumers or end-users of the air conditioning systems will eventually lead to steady decline in its performance, whilst its electrical energy consumption would steadily increase.

It does not matter whether the air conditioning systems are for your home or office, commercial or industrial, whether it is split type air conditioner, window type, ceiling type, portable or central air conditioning system, all of them should have regular tune-ups and safety inspection with maintenance on a yearly basis in order for the air conditioning systems to last its years of services and that it works efficiently with optimum performance. An efficient air conditioner means you aren’t wasting electricity but instead money is saved in your electricity bill.

As one would be recommended to take care of their own health based on the principle, “Prevention is Better Than Cure” i.e. taking all necessary preventive actions so as to prevent any health related disease or disorders through healthy eating habits, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, etc. Similarly for air conditioning systems, they are designed to work efficiently and at optimum performance in blowing cooling air into the conditioned spaces but this is only possible to last a long lasting years if all necessary regular checking, tune-ups, maintenance works are carried out consistently and on a regular basis with proper maintenance schedule on certain components or parts of the air conditioning systems requiring it to be done within a shorter lapse of time, such as every 3 months it is recommended to clean or change your air conditioner filters. By doing this, it can reduce your air conditioner energy consumption by 5%-15% as dirty or clogged filters will block any normal airflow, thus reduces the efficiency of the systems significantly.

Not only that, due to the clogged filters causing normal airflow obstruction, so the air bypassing the filter may bring in dirt straight into its evaporator coil in the indoor unit causing impairment of the coil’s heat absorbing ability as it insulates the coil. Once its evaporator coil or condenser coil gets dirty, the air conditioner will end up without working properly, whilst its fans or compressor very likely will fail prematurely as well.

This is one typical example why regular air conditioner maintenance is important in ensuring these problems and others alike are detected while they are small, not expensive to get it fixed and before they stress up the other parts of the unit so much so turning it into a critical and emergency case. Therefore, by scheduling your regular air conditioner maintenance, you can tackle any problems at early stage before it turns into a nightmare.

Our air conditioner professionals do perform air conditioner yearly maintenance for your cooling system in ensuring it is operating in the most efficient manner and the team will alert should there be any parts or components to be replaced, either due to it being spoiled or due to its wear and tear after running for a long time. Not only will the air conditioning system be working but it will be working well with its drainage well taken care. Get an expert such as our air conditioner professionals to regularly check on your air conditioner as it really pays off in the long to medium term. During the maintenance inspection, the commonly checklists would include conditions of condenser fan, compressor and coils fin, ensure wire connections and valves are snug, correct drainage, no refrigerant leaking, etc. In a yearly maintenance tune-ups activities for the air conditioning systems it is also in ensuring no weak links along the chain and certainly to reduce its likelihood of sudden breakdown, especially when you need the cooling system the most.

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