Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Not Cooling KL & Selangor

Let’s say on one fine day over the weekend after you had a session at your favourite gymnasium in your neighbourhood for some strenuous workouts you left the gymnasium back to your home and by the time you reached home it was a hot blazing weather. Of course, after entering your home as usual you switched on your air conditioner unit in the living room but after an hour has passed you are still not getting the usual cooling air blowing in the room, then, you start to wonder what has happened to your air conditioner for out of sudden being irresponsive which requires you to look for an air conditioner specialist in troubleshooting air conditioner not cooling immediately.

Well, the above is a common scenario that could have been experienced by anyone who is living in a home installed with air conditioner units in certain specific rooms if not all the rooms in the house or office and as a result you spring into action to find a good and reliable air conditioner specialist to fix the problem.

Like many of us, we tend to try to understand as to why the air conditioner is not cooling anymore which was working perfectly well the day or just few hours before. In order to understand the situation, let us explore into the likelihood reasons for the issue to happen and what actions can be taken to resolve this issue in troubleshooting air conditioner not cooling. Those reasons include the following:

  1. Air Filter Clogged

Due to the air filters being clogged with contaminants like dust, dirt or debris resulting in the airflow intake greatly affected which reduces the ability of the air conditioners to blow out cooling air anymore unless the air filters are cleaned or replaced accordingly to allow easy air flow into the air conditioning system.

  1. Refrigerant Insufficient

When the refrigerant level circulating inside the evaporator coils in the indoor unit of air conditioning system gets lesser due to one reason or the other, such as possible leaking, this affects the cooling system and so does its ability to send cooling air into the room. To overcome this issue, need to call your air conditioner specialist to fix the issue of leakages and to refill the refrigerant (air conditioner gas) into the system so as for it to function back as normal and to able to blow out cooling air again.

  1. Condenser Coils Dirty

As and when the condenser coils are dirty and covered with debris, it creates a barrier between the heat inside the refrigerant flowing through them and the air blown over the condenser coils; this will prevent the air conditioner to have the cooling air flow. To overcome this issue is to have condenser coils cleaned and by doing so will not only caused your air conditioner to cooling air more efficiently but also in reducing its power consumption.  

  1. Thermostat Faulty

Thermostat is a sensor device to control the room temperature to your desired temperature, say 25°C and once the temperature is set, the air conditioner compressor will respond to either stop or start the cooling cycle in order to attain the temperature set. Hence, should this thermostat is faulty obviously will cause amongst others, unable to turn on or off the air conditioner and lose control on the temperature that has been programmed earlier. To troubleshoot this, it is advisable to contact your air conditioner specialist to fix the issue.

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