Air conditioner, as an inevitable electrical appliance in your home may quit working in Kuala lumpur and Selangor area. There are several reason why your air conditioner unit stop working suddenly. Basically it is Murphy’s law. Whenever you needed it stop working suddenly.

In every system failure should be handled by the professional technician team. However it not proper to call them before you do necessary and basic system checks. This is your responsibility to your pocket. As a layman, you need to do below simple checks in order to save some money out of daily expenses.

You need to do some step-by-step checks in order to diagnosis the failure even though you have no idea of how air conditioner works. It might be as simple as power supply issue.
* Check the power supply connected to the air conditioner unit.
* If power connection is there, check the fuse it might be overloaded and blown fuse issue or tripped circuit breaker could be the cause.
* If this step is also a satisfaction of your favor, than reduce the thermostat temperature lower than set value. This might trigger the automated temperature control and system can work again.
* If none of the above is a answer to your step-by-step check than you definitely need air conditioner specialist technician to check your system.

Your air conditioner unit might self shot down for safety reason if evaporator coils frozen. This is just and simple air flow and cleaning of the filter issue. Check the filter. Clogged filter might block the air flow and reduced temperature in the coil results to be frozen. Frozen coils could self shot down the air conditioner compressor and system stops for safety of the whole system. If system works under this condition, after you stop the unit, frozen coils melts and huge water leakage problem starts and cause corrosion in the system units.

Frozen coil issue could be the result of inside fan motor failure, since it is related air flow issue. Check the fan fuse breaker. It might blown. Outside fan could also create issues. Since it is open to atmospheric conditions might get to much rusty or dusty due to the open air effects. Might need to be changed.

If your air conditioner unit is working but blowing hot air. This is simply an setting the right mode issue. Be sure that air conditioner unit is in cooling mode. It might be just blowing air mode. These are simple advises to save some money. Never the least, you need professional technicians to check your system from top to toe. Call  our technical team to get the right answer.