Air Conditioner Not Turning On Troubleshooting KL & Selangor

Let us consider the following scenario. On one fine day the weather outside your home or office was dry and hot, then, as you switch on the air conditioner as you would normally did, out of sudden the air conditioner seems not to be working. You must be wondering what had happened to your air conditioner which was working just fine the day before and it gets even more frustrating when that was the only air conditioner you have installed in the living room or your office space. An air conditioner that does not turn on is not something that is entirely uncommon.

Fortunately, there are only a few most common reasons as to why the air conditioner is not working and let us deal with the air conditioner not turning on troubleshooting as follows to restore it back to up and running condition again:

  • Air Conditioner Switch – Check whether the air conditioner switch has been turned on in the first place. Without turning it on, perhaps forgot to switch it on after turning it off the last it was used, of course it will not work. Check the switch and turn it on.
  • Fuse Blown – Check the status of your power fuse whether it is in working condition. To do this, you will need a Multimeter to test your fuse. If the Multimeter gives a beeping sound, the fuse is working well, otherwise get a replacement if the fuse is faulty by purchasing from your hardware store.
  • Tripped Circuit Breaker – Check whether the circuit breaker of your home or office has tripped probably due to some short circuit that has happened from using say a faulty appliance. Hence, your air conditioner will not turn on if the circuit breaker tripped. Once the faulty appliance is removed, the power will be back to normal and so thus your air conditioner.
  • Clogged Air Filter – Though looks simple, a clogged or dirty air filter will cause the proper airflow to be obstructed leading to your air conditioner being disabled and unable to be on as the filter gives good airflow as well as avoid possible damage to the components of your air conditioner. But, once it got clogged, the worst can happen. Check the filter and replace it, then, turn the air conditioner on. Even if the filter looks clean though after a few months, replace it still and need to do so after every three months so as to ensure the air conditioner continue to be in a good working condition.
  • Thermostat – It is an important part of the air conditioner as it is the control panel of the appliance. If it the thermostat is set wrongly or too high temperature (eg.28°C) from the desired temperature (24°C), then, the air conditioner may not turn on. Hence, must ensure the thermostat is set to “Cool” or lower temperature and the air conditioner will turn on and running as it would normally. Otherwise, the faulty thermostat has to be replaced before the air conditioner can be on again.
  • Evaporator Coils Dirty – As more debris from dirt, dust, etc builds up on the various components of the air conditioner, it will cause the system to be less efficient and eventually leading to the total breakdown of the system and unable to turn it on. To avoid this from happening, always schedule the air conditioner for its regular maintenance.
  • Refrigerant Leaking – For the normal operation of the air conditioner, the refrigerant which is one of its essential components to provide the cooling effect of the air conditioner system and once there is a leakage in the system it will cause the refrigerant to be lost resulting in inadequate cooling or even causing the air conditioner unable to be turned on. A skilled air conditioner technician is able to fix this refrigerant leaking issue.

Those are the common causes of air conditioner failed to turn on and how to deal with each one of it in bringing back the air conditioner to its normal operations.

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