Advantage of Inverter Air Conditioner KL & Selangor

Inverter air conditioners are all rage these days with the major appliance manufacturers claiming of such new technology which may reduce the electricity bill by up to 50% and still offering a better consumer experience. In order to know the advantage of inverter air conditioner, firstly, we need to understand how it works. As for the air conditioner, it uses a refrigerant (a gas state in low pressure but turns into liquid state with increased in pressure) that is compressed and liquefied by the compressor, it is then cooled down in the condenser followed by its expansion (a gas state) in the evaporator, albeit in a controlled situation. As a result, this expansion produces a cooling effect which in turn had made the condenser to be warm. The same principle is applied in refrigerators, whereby, the heat from the inside is transferred to the outside. Hence, when an air conditioner is at its cooling mode, the heat from the room is removed and pushed towards the outdoor unit (compressor) of the split type air conditioner. Let us take a look on the inverter technology in air conditioners. Inverter technology is the latest revolution of technology relating to electro motors of air conditioner compressors in which an inverter is used for the control of speed of the compressor motor and in turn it regulates the temperature consistently. This inverter unit has a variable frequency drive which consists of an adjustable electrical inverter that controls the speed of the electro motor and so on the compressor as well as its cooling output. This drive converts the incoming alternating current (AC) electricity into direct current (DC), then, through the modulation in an electrical inverter produces current with the desired frequency and the microcontroller in it is able to sample each ambient air temperature, thus, adjusting the speed of the compressor accordingly. As a result, inverter air conditioners have increased efficiency as compared to the conventional or non-inverter air conditioners, thereby, extending the lifespan of its parts and eliminating the sharp fluctuations during its loading. This makes the inverter air conditioners much more quiet, runs with lower operating cost and lesser breakdowns. Though the inverter air conditioners may cost more than the conventional air conditioners (fitted with fixed speed compressor motor) but this is better compensated with its low electricity bills and the usual payback time for investing in the inverter air conditioner is within two years depending on its usage. Now, let us explore the advantages of inverter air conditioners as compared to the non-inverter air conditioners that make the inverters better than the non-inverters. There are mainly 5 reasons as to why the inverter air conditioners are better than the non-inverter air conditioners. They are as follows:

  1. Eco-friendly – Due to the fact that the motor of the inverter air conditioner’s compressor has a variable speed, whereas the speed of the non-inverter compressor has been fixed, hence, the latter operates either at a minimum speed or full speed, whilst the former with its sensor is able to adjust the power according to the temperature in the room, thereby, reduces its electrical consumption and of course saves its energy consumption.
  2. Money Savers – Since the inverter air conditioner operates  with its sophisticated operational method, so its compressor does not work with its full capacity all the time. This means, whenever the speed is low, the lesser energy is needed and hence the lesser will be the electricity bill.
  3. Longer Lifespan   – With the latest technology of the inverter air conditioner makes it not only cooling more efficient but also making the inverter air conditioner’s lifespan longer.
  4. Quieter Operation – As the motor of the inverter air conditioner’s compressor does not have to turn on and off all the time, this keeps the air conditioner working at a low power and so does its operation which will be quieter as compared to the non-inverter air conditioners.
  5. Rapid Cooling – When the inverter air conditioner is able to be in a cooling mode at a faster rate than the non-inverter air conditioner based on the fact that the inverter air conditioner uses more power in the beginning of the process than the non-inverter air conditioner but it diminishes the power consumption as it gets closer to the desired temperature. Hence, inverter air conditioners are capable of cooling the room faster, thereby providing faster comfort if compared to the non-inverter air conditioners.

In choosing between either inverter air conditioner or non-inverter air conditioner, you make your decision based on the above advantages of using inverter air conditioner. Alternatively, you may call us and we would be glad to advice on the most appropriate air conditioner for your need.