Due to the hot and humid climate in Malaysia, both the homes and offices would opt to use the air conditioning facility. However, many of the users from time to time may face issues with regards to the quality and efficiency of the air conditioning unit, such as, out of sudden the air conditioning unit is not cooling anymore with the air blown out from the air conditioning unit is not cold. When this happens, what shall you do? Whilst we learn a bit more about how the air conditioning unit works, let us look into the 6 doubts you should clarify about air conditioning not cold as follows. Reason #1 Its refrigerant, R-134a is insufficient (also known as “snow species”). This is a normal situation. It usually appears in the use of old air conditioners for three to four years. The air conditioning is not totally without cooling effect, but the effect of cooling or its coldness is not good enough. This is because air conditioners use refrigerant and they are used for a long time. In addition, we cannot rule out on the improper installation that may cause refrigerant R-134a leakage and the compressor itself. Solution: Adding snow can solve the problem of air conditioning not cold. Reason #2 The voltage of the power supply is not enough. The power supply voltage may not be stable and the normal voltage is often not achieved. This phenomenon is likely to occur when the peak power is used. Of course, this problem is obviously not a technical air conditioner maintenance technician can solve, we must solve the problem from the perspective of providing a stable voltage. Solution: Maintain normal supply voltage Reason#3 The air conditioner’s power is not enough to refrigerate. This is also one of the common reasons for not cooling but there are many reasons for this lack of cooling, such as, a large-sized room with a small power air conditioning tube, and some air conditioning power and room size seems to be matching but because the room is not relatively closed (such as doors and windows open, etc.) or there is a heat source in the room such as computers emitting heat, etc. that may prevent the full cooling effect from the air conditioning unit. Solution: Make the cooling capacity required by the air conditioner’s power space match, change the conditions of the use environment, increase the air tightness of the use environment, reduce the heating sources in the air conditioning environment, etc. to solve the problem of no refrigeration. Reason #4 Excessive ambient temperature leads to air conditioning not cold. This kind of uncooling condition is common when our outdoor unit is installed in a relatively closed space or the temperature around the external unit is too high. This makes it extremely easy to disperse the heat sink due to the lack of air circulation in the small space where the outdoor unit is located. There is no way for the heat to flow away and the air conditioner is not cooling. There is also a common saying that when the outdoor temperature exceeds 40ºC, most air conditioners can hardly transfer indoor heat to the outdoor through the radiator of the outdoor unit, hence, the air conditioning is not cooling. Solution: Change the operating environment of the outdoor unit (move away from the high temperature environment or make the ambient air of the outdoor unit easier to circulate) Reason #5 The air conditioning unit has not been serviced and maintained for a long time. Buying an air conditioner unit does not mean to sit back and relax after the installation of the unit. The reason being, the outdoor unit is installed outdoor and after a certain length of time of use, it will cause a lot of dust, dirt and other contaminants to be absorbed on the radiator. This results in a poor cooling effect of the radiator and causes the air conditioner not cold. The long-term carelessness of air conditioning maintenance will make the room air unhygienic and it will be more susceptible to air-conditioning diseases, increase in power consumption, and shorten the service life of air conditioners. Solution: Regular servicing and maintenance of the air conditioners so that a clean outdoor unit can generate the desired cooling effect. Reason #6 The copper pipe between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is too long. Some air conditioners are installed inappropriately such that the air conditioning ducts are rather too long, hence due to the low heat transfer efficiency may cause the air conditioners not to be cooled. Solution: Ensure the copper tube length between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is appropriate. Please consult our professional air conditioning serviceman or repairman to attend to the installation, servicing or repairing of your air conditioning units requirement. We will be really glad to be of assistance.