If you do, then, normally it would mean you either have an aircon leaking water problem or a refrigerant leak. In both instances, there are ready solutions to solve your problem.

If your aircon is having a leaking water problem, this can be really worrying, especially when it involves abnormally amount of water leaking. This in itself differentiates between aircon leaking and condensation as the latter will show some water droplets on the evaporator coil and this is normal.

What do you need to do when your aircon is leaking water?

 Once you have discovered that your aircon is leaking, the first thing you need to do is to turn off your aircon immediately to avoid any further danger and damage, such as the water may interfere with the electrical parts that may cause more problems.

The reasons for the aircon leaking may not be immediately known when you realised the leakages and there are a few reasons why there the aircon leaks. The most common causes of the problem is likely due to a blocked drainage pipe or the pump broke down or incorrect aircon installation. Let’s take a look at each of the causes.

  1. Drainage Pipe Blocked

This is the most common causes of aircon water leaking problem in which the condensate drainage pipe is blocked when over time there was no regular servicing of the aircon system resulting in dirt, mould growth or other debris may have formed within the drainage pipe leading to the problem. It will likely happen even faster if your aircon system is aging or gets rusted and forming cracks in the drainage pipe.

  1. Aircon Incorrectly Installed

Perhaps, this may not be likely to give rise to your leaking problem but if the incorrectly done installation may resulted in your aircon problem, especially when the drainage pipes are incorrectly connected or the drainage pans incorrectly fitted and when it does, then, the leak will start when it is turned on.

  1. Low Refrigerant in the Aircon System

The leaking could be due to low refrigerant which then causes pressure and in turn makes the evaporator coil to freeze. As it melts, there will be an overflow of water into the drainage pipe and hence leading to the aircon water leaking problem. Watch out for this kind of signs to overcome the problem.

If your aircon refrigerant is low, either it was undercharged during installation or there is a leakage. If it leaks, just by simply adding more refrigerant will not resolve the problem. Suggest to obtain the services of a trained technician to fix the problem and to test the effectiveness of the repair after refilling the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Take note the performance and efficiency of your aircon is the greatest when the refrigerant refills matches exactly the manufacturer’s specification i.e. not undercharged or overcharged. Any refrigerant leaking can also be harmful to the environment, so it must be handled with extreme care because of its potential danger to the environment. A single kilogram of refrigerant such as R410a (the most commonly used refrigerant in aircons) that leaks into the atmosphere, it will cause as much damage as running your car for six months!

To avoid any aircon water leaking problems, you need to ensure the following actions.

i.   Install another drainage pan to hold any excess water from the drainage pipe.

ii.   Ensure secondary drainage pipe is available, in case the main drainage pipe gets clogged.

iii.  Clean and change the air filter so as to prevent any dirt from building up in your drainage pipe.

iv.  Monitor the level of the refrigerant level in the aircon system via regular checking to maintain correct level.

v.   Always maintain regular servicing of your aircon to avoid any potential problems.

NHN Air Cond Services

 We at NHN Air Cond Services believe we can help you with any aircon problems. If your aircon is leaking water or its refrigerant, we can repair it and replace the respective parts, wherever necessary. We can also install a brand new system, if your aircon system is damaged beyond economic repair or you may need an additional aircon system, we can provide aircon servicing at your home or office. Please contact us via phone or online for free quotation for the services you needed in relation to your aircon system.