Air conditioners used for a long time are prone to a variety of minor  problems  and the  most  common  problem  is  the  air conditioning leaking. The end users who could tolerate this while waiting for its rectification often will carry on using their air conditioner but will choose to use a pot or container to let the water leaked from the air-conditioner dripping into it. It seems there is nothing wrong with this. However, if we  do  not  first find out  why the air conditioner leaks, then it may cause more serious problems.  It is best to solve the problem of the air-conditioning leaking at the soonest.

Let us take a look at what are the causes of air-conditioning leaking ?

The most common causes of air conditioning leaking are as follows :

1.Insufficient Installation

The expansion screws of the indoor unit may not stabilise, hence, the installation does not firmly balanced it.  As  a  result,  the drainage pipe leads to a high position on the side, causing some problem to its drainage and so to the dripping phenomenon of the air conditioner body.

How to overcome the air-conditioning dripping issue?

Simply move the air-conditioner and by using an ordinary liquid level meter to recalibrate the air-conditioning position, trim as necessary or try to lower the air-conditioning condensate drain outlet end.

2.Dew Condensation On The Piping:

Due to the poor or too thin insulation material used on the piping or if it is not completely wrapped, hence, when the refrigerant in the piping passes through it, condensation will occur.

How to overcome the air-conditioning dripping issue?

This is our  common  indoor pipe  dripping issue. When  this happens, we  should first open  the  tape  to  check  whether  the insulation material is aging or properly installed, such as the discovery of cracks or thin insulation material used, which can be resolved by re-wrapping it with a proper insulation material.  At the same time, the aged tape can be replaced to  maintain the tightness of the copper tube.

3.Poor Drainage Pipes

After a long-term use of drainage pipes that led to aging materials or bending of these pipes into a wave shape that may result in poor drainage and/or partial blockage.

How to overcome the air-conditioning dripping issue?

Do contact the manufacturer or a qualified air-conditioning  repairer  or  serviceman to replace the  drainage  pipe  or  the  end users can buy an ordinary pvc straw instead to be used temporarily.  However,  perhaps  due  to  the  nature  of  work  and the difficulty in rectifying this issue, it may be too troublesome to do on your own. In that case, do seek assistance from a qualified air-conditioner repairer or serviceman in your area.