How to remove air conditioner cover in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is the first step to give a service most particularly to the indoor unit cleaning. Aircon cover is a form of hard plastic to give a good looking shape for the evaporator coils, remote sensor receiving units and so on.

To remove this cover is indicated in the user’s manual of each aircon units. Most of the time, there are two easy press buttons on each side of the cover. When you press those buttons, cover not fully removed but opens upward to 90 degrees to fully see the evaporator coils. Some models allow this movable part detached from the main cover.

Whatever the purpose of removing the movable part of the cover is you can start doing it after you removed it. This could be taking the filter out to soak into warm water mixed with white vinegar to clear the fungus or with the chemical.

If you really remove the whole cover to apply chemical wash to the evaporator coils, you need to take off all cover tabs which are located at the bottom of the front of the cover with the screwdriver. Depending on the size of the unit, these taps could be 2-3. The top of the unit cover is clipped into the wall-mounted unit. After taking off the three/two screws, you can remove the cover upward. There are clips on the top of the cover; you might need to release them one by one.

After you have done your work on the indoor unit, the reverse cycle is to put back the removed cover into its location. This can be done by putting screws at the bottom first and press into the wall unit on top or place the clips on top first then bottom screws later on. It doesn’t matter. It is fixed again. If you have any difficulty call our service center so you can get support from our technical team. Call now.