We provide air conditioner maintenance solutions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Service and maintenance are two close subjects normally confused by the customers when applied.

Service is the regularly done maintenance check of gas, cleaning of coils i.e. Maintenance, on the other hand, is planned by the duration suggested by the manufacturers. It is also called the Planned Maintenance System (PMS).

The best air conditioner maintenance solutions are to follow the PMS. Each element in the whole system has a lifecycle. PMS takes their lifecycle into consideration and advice servicemen to change that particular element in the system before it gets broken down or jam.

Since you are doing the maintenance service way before they broke down, your operation/lifestyle either in-home or in the office never interrupted. Just imagine, you are running the restaurant and when it was full of the customers at dinner time, the air conditioner unit fails. What you can do besides giving bad feeling and experience to the customers that you have at that moment of time.

Don’t forget you can make money when you have repeated customers, like a royalty program. If they don’t come again due to the one bad impression, you are the one who lost the business in the long run.

That is why we suggest you do PMS into your cooling systems. Our experienced technicians by years of service, follow the factory SOP’s and know what to do, when and how. They can prepare a plan for your approval and even you don’t remember anything about that, they come and serve you.

This is the way of keeping your business and lifestyle. Contact our experienced technicians from the service department and ask any questions you might have. They can suggest you the best maintenance solutions to your air conditioner units in your premise. Call us now.