Air conditioner installation warranty in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is the same as in your area. Normally when the technician installed the air conditioner unit on your premises, either office or resident, they should hand over to you in running conditions. This means that cooling should be normal as required and there is no debris or dirt left behind in the installation area.

Professional installers are very careful about this issue; they don’t leave any dirt behind more particularly if they open the hole into the wall. When they use the drill to open the hole for piping and electricity connections of the split type air conditioner unit at the first time installation, there must be lots of dust and debris around after using the drill.

First of all, be sure that you agree with them where to install the air conditioner indoor unit. This is the most important issue for you. They shouldn’t install the indoor unit not disturbing any other equipment in your room. Normally they should advise you where to install anyway, if they don’t you should take the control and tell them what you want. Don’t forget there are some rules for the installation of the air conditioner units like;

  • Not far from the outdoor unit in order to reduce the loss of energy,
  • The indoor unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight,
  • The Indoor unit should not be facing to the window i.e.

After all, set for the installation process, they should take precautions before attempting to use the drill in the wall. Also be sure that after using the drill, they should clean the area.

When they are about to go, they normally call you and ask you to check if they could do anything else. What you should do is to check;

  • If there is enough cooling as should be,
  • If there is any dirt or debris left behind,
  • All electrical connections are sealed and not bad looking,

That is the installation warranty that we are talking about. Warranty, in general, comes in the form of a manufacturing warranty. Different parts in the air conditioner unit have a different warranty period. The longer time is given to the compressor. Some brands go to 7 years manufacturing warranty.

If you need a warranted air conditioner installation service as clean as possible, call our trained technicians now.