Split type air conditioner installation in KL and Selangor area is the most common installation happened. Most of the people choose to invest in split type air conditioner so split type air conditioner installation fee in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area determines the market.

Since small houses have a need to install small HP units, which means less than 3 HP units, most installation is done for wall-mounted units. Installation fees are depending on the HP of each unit. For example 1 HP unit is chargeable to RM 250 for the new unit installation, 2,5 HP unit is chargeable to RM 440 for the new unit installation.

There is also another issue here. If individual house owners want to change the existing unit replaced by the new unit, there is also dismantle old unit charges involved for the fee. Dismantle charges is not too much changing from RM 75 to RM 100 in range. This fee is inclusive of disposing of the old unit. Servicemen should take the old unit at the end of the service and go together with the old unit.

Call our service center to have a quotation for your replacing the existing unit or to install a new unit to your home.