Air conditioner service price in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is fixed by the HP of the units, not for the location. Our serviceman charges the same amount which is advertised on the web site if your location within our coverage area.

Service fees to the existing air conditioner units depending on the type of the unit beside the HP of the unit. Most of the air conditioner units wide separately in the wall-mounted units in the residential and ceiling suspended in the office buildings.

Services for the air conditioner units are also two types, general service, and chemical wash service. Chemical wash service costs more than general service due to the chemical used but it is advisable. Chemical wash service can clean all kinds of molds and fungus particles that harden like a stone on the coils.

Wall-mounted unit service price for air conditioner units are starting from RM 95, which is for 1 HP unit, till to RM 120 for the 2.5 HP units for the general services. The same units if required for chemical wash service, the price would be from RM 140 to RM 150.

If the units are ceiling suspended or concealed prices are higher from RM 150 for 3 HP units and 4 HP units in general service. The same units are chargeable for chemical wash service from RM 320 to 550 respectively.

Please contact our service center and talk to our serviceman in order to get the right price and advice for the service of your unit. Call us now.