In order to understand what air conditioner flushing system is when applied in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you need to read this article.

If the air conditioner system is contaminated as a result of any component failure, the whole system should be flushed properly and purged. If metal parts from any failed component not removed from the system, they circulate in the whole system and give damage to other components. Flushing in this sense is to remove these contaminants from the system.

If you don’t do the flushing, even though you change the failed compressor, the new compressor will suck those metal particles and fail in a short period of time again.

If the system has a dryer for the refrigerant it is highly possible to get corroded and have rust due to the moisture content in the acidic refrigerants. If those rusty particles did not damage the dryer but the next step is the expansion valve to get blocked due to the over-saturated desiccant which is escaped from the dryer.

When you do the flushing the type of damage can be detected by diagnosing the oil color in the system.  The same oil in the system can have different colors due to the type of contamination.

Black oil color means that burn oil due to overheating, defect pressure or malfunction of the condenser.  The silver grayish color indicates metal contamination since the yellow color of the oil indicates contamination from the moisture.

While flushing the system some parts never flushed have to be replaced, like compressor, expansion valve and dryer, which means that all the tubes and hoses, condenser and evaporator should be flushed properly.

It is advisable to flush one component at a time. The refrigerant should be removed and stored from the system before you do the flushing. Flushing should be done in the opposite direction of the flow of the refrigerant. It is done until the flush flow is clear.

Flushing gun canister is used to push the cleaning agent into the system. Dismantled condenser connected to another compressor used for flushing purposes other than the system compressor to push the cleaning agent into the system. This process should be done a couple of times depending on the canister capacity until the outcome of the dirty agent transparent in color.

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