The air conditioner electrical system in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is none other than any other area. Air conditioner systems are driven by electricity. Without electricity, we can’t run the air conditioner units. Since air conditioner units need electricity, we need to understand all parts within the system.

Major purpose of the air conditioner electrical system is to provide power to the main components like the compressor, fan motor, and blower motor i.e. Normally low voltage controls the high voltage in the air conditioner electrical system. High voltage comes from the main electric supply since the low voltage comes from the transformer.

The electrical system is made up of primarily with relays, which controlled ON and OFF of the electrical power to the main parts of the air conditioner system. Either heavy duty relay(high voltage relay), contactor, thermostat or time delay relay they all work the same, to get the electrical power across to the other components necessary. Almost all relays work 24 volts of electricity. 24 volts are necessary to energize relay’s coil to pull the contacts to ON or OFF the circuit.

Some of the relays work on temperature changes but the design purpose is the same, to open or close the circuit triggered by the heat. Another type of relay used in the electrical system of the air conditioner unit is the pressure relays. The design purpose is the same as other relays, to open and close the circuit but triggered by the pressure.

Another unit in the electrical system is the circuit board, which is serial of relays inside. It adjusts the sequence of power distribution amongst the air conditioner unit.

Another part is the transformer, which supplies 24 volts for all relays in the system. Besides the relays and transformer, there are capacitors for fan motor and compressor in order to absorb the initial resistance to turn.   

After understanding all parts in the electrical system, you need to know the working sequence in order to identify where the problem is if you are working on it as a serviceman. Just contact us if you have more questions about how the electrical system works in the air conditioner in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.