There are different types of filter in each every aircon. Depending on the types of filter, how to change the air conditioner filter in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area are also varies.

Some air conditioner units have multiple usage type filters. These filters are easily dismantled, clean with running water and put it back. Their material mostly is a mash of fiber or plastic. Some of the multiple usage filters have metal mash and can be cleaned by chemical wash or pressurized water after dismantled from the unit.  All can be put back after cleaning.

Some air conditioner units have disposable type filters. These filters need to be changed after a certain period of time usage. Changing an operation can be done by anyone. It is simple and easy.

What types of filter you have in your unit, during the regular service all filters have to be cleaned chemically or pressurized water outside of the air conditioner unit. Certified aircon serviceman does this in the garden or outside of the house.

Our experienced serviceman can do proper cleaning for your unit. You just need to call us.